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January 6, 2013
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I have just updated MP-TVSeries to 3.4 and at first I was getting a "Wrong skin file" error.
I found a forum on that error and after checking the paths in the MP-TVSeries application, I was able to find the error log which showed the file that was missing in the MediaPortal\skin\DefaultWide folder.
I went into the MP-TVSeries\Skin\DefaultWide_MP1.3 and found the file it was missing and copied it to the above folder.
Now I am able to get to the TVSeries screen within MediaPortal but it doesn't load the show banners like it used to.
And when I try clicking "Change Layout", nothing happens.
The background images for the series do show up, but that's basically the only thing that's on the screen.

Does anyone know how I can fix this so my series show up correctly?


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    Try re-installing TVSeries...if that doesnt fix it then possibly the installer is not copying the skin files over correctly.

    In the case that the skin files are not copied over, you need to get all of the files from MP-TVSeries\Skin\DefaultWide_MP1.3, not just the one it reports.

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