List View Width / Position?


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April 19, 2006
I think this skin is awesome and use it on both my media centers now. I especially like how it looks with the Moving Pictures plugin (much better than other skins).

For my TV Shows and other videos, I use the standard My Videos feature of Media Portal and have it set for list view for quick easy browsing.

What I was wondering is if it is possible to move (to the left more) or widen the list view box so that I can get the entire descriptions of the videos to show instead of being cut off. I have been finding that my TV Shows have been having the episode numbers, etc... cut off because the names are too wide for that somewhat narrow list view.

I dont know how I would accomplish this... but is it possible to make that list box wider or change its position through an XML file? I assume it has a graphic to go with it that I may need to edit to make it look right, but if anyone knows the file I need to modify so that I can make that list view wider, I would be very grateful.


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