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January 29, 2012
Good Morning Guys,

i am new to Media Portal and searching for an usage of the G19 Display. I saw the Mini-Display Plugin, but it does not work for me. I choosed "Logitech G-Series LCDHype Driver" clicked on TEST - first time a Windows alert shown "The Driver must be Validatet ... cant installed" something like this. Next i clicked "Advanced" and i get an "Logitech G-Series software not installed (it is.)

I´m sure the first error causes the second, but how do i avoid the Windows driver validation?


Okay, now i get an "Logitech G-Series LCDHype" entry on the display, but it looked crashed. Someone has experience with the G19 display settings? :|


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January 29, 2012
I finally had time to address the problem again. The proposed plugin does not work,because it only displays normal video card connected monitors to choose from.

The mini display plugin works if i choose: "LCDHype 04_22_2008 LogitechG-Series LCD driver Hype". If i click on "Test display", the keyboard-display shows the LCDHype logo. Then i started MediaPortal and theres only a strip of pixels on the top of the display. I'm assuming that once these drivers for the Logitech G15's display.

Can you add any custom display? Any other ideas?

Thank you!

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