[Mantis#957] Bug? in Manual control with DVBS (SS2 only?)


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November 20, 2006
MediaPortal Version: 0.2 With svn--01-20-2007--20-02-Rev12684
MediaPortal Skin: Blue 2
TVEngine3 Verion:Rev12764
Windows Version: Xp Pro Domain Joined
CPU Type: AMD xp2500
HDD: 40gb Maxtor PATA - OS
HDD: 80gb Seagate PATA - Recordings
Memory: 512 DDR 400
Motherboard: Abit NF7
Motherboard Chipset: Nforce
Motherboard Bios: Pheonix
Video Card: NV FX 5200
Video Card Driver: 6.14
Sound Card: SBlive Standard (SPDIF COAX)
Sound Card AC3: SBlive Standard (SPDIF COAX)
Sound Card Driver: Latest creative driver
1. TV Card: TechniSat SkyStar2 Rev 2.6
1. TV Card Type: DBV-S
1. TV Card Driver:
2. TV Card: Hauppauge 150MCE (S-Video) in from "custom made" external tuner
2. TV Card Type: Analog MPEG2
2. TV Card Driver: Latest from hauppauge
MPEG2 Video Codec:
MPEG2 Audio Codec:
Satelite/CableTV Provider: Free To Air only
HTPC Case: Compaq W4000 Worstation Case
Cooling: Total 2 intel P4 CPU fans 1 P/supply 1 for CPU! Still too loud!
Power Supply: 500 whatt?
Remote:MCE Ver 2
TV: Panasonice 29" WIth VGA in. (640x480! Nice and crisp tho :))

TVEngine Rev12764

When starting time shifting in "Manual Control" with DVBS channel (SkyStar 2) time shifting starts but the "Start Timeshift" button stays instead of going to "Stop Timeshift" Also the signal meter dosn't appear up in the top part of the window. Only way to stop time shift is to stop and start service.

Re-produce. (With skystar 2 system)

  • Open tvserver setup
  • select manual control
  • select a dvbs channel
  • click "Start Timeshift"



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November 20, 2006
Here are my logs after downloading latest tvengine, Installing, starting service and trying to time shift dvbs via manual control:



Another problem (Should I log this as a seperate bug?) is that the first time(after service restart) I click start timeshift button it returns a message saying channel is scrambled. I click OK. then click the start timeshift button again (without doing anything else) and it starts to time shift, but with the symptoms mentioned in the OP bug report.


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November 20, 2006
Not too sure what you mean by BDA? I'm running running the following:

Driver provider:B2C2
Driver Date:4/10/2004
Driver Version:

Dosn't seem that new!? I think this might even be a hacked driver:oops: to allow Diseqc Motors to work! I messed arround with all sorts or drivers soem time ago!

However I wasn't haveing any problems(with these drivers installed) until a few realeases ago. At first the SS2 was broken as fixed by Frodo; for me it was detecting my SS2 as an analog card. After it was fixed I've had the problem as menetioned in my op.

Do you think it it would be worth updateding my driver?
Do you know? should the diseqc motor support work with a standard driver? I thought technisat didn't support diseqc motors? btw the hacked driver was provided with a progdvb plugin for SS2 diseqc motors and worked fine. I havn't been able to get my motor to move with-in TVserver yet; so maybe a drive update might help that too. I havn't really tried that hard yet to make it work. (I skrewed up my dish alignment so the motor can't be used yet until I re-mount my dish anyway!):oops:


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November 20, 2006
Now we're getting some where! I installed the driver. I notice now it appears as a multimedia device instead of a network device. I now no longer have the problem of the the channel saying it's scrambled the first time I start timeshift. but I still don't get tiemshift status. so...I completley deleted my tvserver Db and resintalled tv server. Rescanned and now it seems to be all working fine I can start timeshift and see the status all ok. so....I go and orgainze my channels and rename some of them. now here is the bug (I think); as soon as I rename a channel from it's origional DVB-S name and the status is no longer displayed in manual control. Re-name it back and it works again. I sitll don't know the technical difference between the WDM and BDA driver but already this driver seems better. It seems to start the the timeshift faster. basicly instanatly! I'm hoping this will make my channel changes faster in MP :)

Are you able to re-produce this bug? If so should I log it as new bug explaing what actaully causes the symptoms?

btw, when going to paste my logs in the pastebin. I couldn't find a link anywhere for the pastebin. (Myabe I'm blind!) in the end I found a link by searching in forums for posts with "pastebin" just thought i'd mention it maybe you could add a link sometime under support.

Thanks for all your help on this Chris.


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  • December 26, 2004
    now here is the bug (I think); as soon as I rename a channel from it's origional DVB-S name and the status is no longer displayed in manual control.
    that sounds werid :confused:

    could you please:
    1. uninstall the TV-Server version you use
    2. install the latest build from the homepage
    3. test it again
    4. then make a screenshot of manual control where you miss the status
    5. then go to the tv-server log folder and copy them to a safe place
    6. then write a reply here by clicking the Go Advanced button
    7. write down what you did spep by step
    8. then scroll down a bit to Additional Options
    9. and click Manage attachents to attach all logfiles to your post


    Portal Pro
    November 20, 2006
    1. Stop TVServer Service
    2. Uninstall TV Server. from add/remove programs
    3. Backup TvLibrary database
    4. Delete TvLibrary database
    5. Delete folder C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server
    6. Download lastes TVServer tvengine3-01-30-2007--01-12h--Rev12783
    7. Install TVSever
    8. Copy transponder files to Tuningparameters folder and modify satellists.xml (For satellite Optus D1)
    9. Run MediaPortal TV Server (Enter sa password; Test; Save; Yes start the service)
    10. Select DVB-S Card, Enabled LNB1, Select satellite OptusD1,
    11. Click Scan Channels (Found 17 Channels)
    12. Select manual control.
    13. Select channel "TV One"
    14. Click "Start TimeShift"
    15. Take Log. See attachment (xxxx.pre-rename.log)
    16. Take Screen shot (see pre-rename.jpg)
    17. Stop timeshift

    Now the channel rename

    1. Select Tv Channels from Tree
    2. in right pane select channel "TV One"
    3. Select edit.
    4. Change channel name to "TV1 - Digital"
    5. Select manual control.
    6. Select channel "TV1 - Digital"
    7. Click "Start TimeShift"
    8. Take Log. See attachment (xxxx.post-rename.log)
    9. Take Screen shot (see post-rename.jpg)
    10. Stop timeshift

    Thats it! Spot the difference!
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