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  • July 9, 2012
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    Hi, Im running 1.3 on windows 8 64bit installed as TV Server and have a reproducible bug within XMLTV.

    Id love to load up the bug report but when I run watch dog, it complains that there is no mediaportal.xml and doesnt spit out the zip file. So any ideas how to do this?

    The bug itself is, I have a channel group, I am matching from a digiguide export. I go to the mappings and allocate the list, 90% are correct, but one channel, Really has been matched across 8 different channels, so 7 are wrong. I go in correct the mappings, press save. It says saved. I then load it again with the screen still up and the old incorrect mappings are there. I can save and close TV Config, and the open it up again, and the old mappings are there.

    The incorrect mappings happen to be with the last few channels that I have added to my digigude export, if that gives any clues.

    Is there an xml file I can go in and edit to fix this, so my guides are correct until a fix gets released.

    Oh and I post very rarely, but MP, is one fabulous piece of coding...

    OK this is fixed, digiguide didnt have channel ids on all the channels that I couldnt map. Be great if an error message told you this..

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