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April 24, 2012
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Hey Guys (or girls) ,

I love the mp tv series plugin but for over a year I still haven't figured out how to setup media portals recording file name format for ota recording to work with the plugin. I the defaults choices which confuses the plugin and always need to remove the extra stuff in the name for it to understand. I tried playing with the custom values but then it doesn't see it at all! Please help driving me nutts.

Ex: %channel% %title% - S0%series%E%episode%

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    I don't record episodes using My TV but if I were too I would use the following for Series:

    TVShows\%title%\%title% - S%series%E%episode% - %name%
    Then in TVSeries set the Import path to the TVShows folders, %name% is not required but nice to have.

    If your filename does not look like what is displayed in the sample textbox, then it's most likely because your tvguide does not have the required information. In that case not much you can do about that except for renaming your files manually.


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    Check the forum as well though, there has been a lot of effort from other TV-Recording-via-EPG-data users who solved the problem of missing EPG data.

    One I found with a quick forum search =

    But try with the info provided by ltfearme first, more then likely it will already work as-is.

    PS: If you record any daily shows, such as late-night talk shows, Colbert report, etc, then you would be wise to add the air-date into the filename (not sure if this is part of %name% by default), because most of those shows do not have a correct S/E match with TheTVdB versus the EPG data, but MP-TVSeries supports matching on airdate for those shows.

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