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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Owlsroost, April 28, 2019.

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    We have just released MediaPortal 1.22 Final

    Highlights of this release (relative to 1.21 Final release):
    • We fixed an issue with Intel HDMI audio
    • We fixed an issue with sound volume control and OSD on Windows 7
    • We fixed an issue with errors in displayed file timestamps
    • We fixed an issue with the Windows Update date checking
    • We fixed an installer issue with Visual C++ 2008 SP1 version checking
    Since 1.22 Pre-release:
    • We fixed an issue with scrolling text across the TV recording 'red button' icon in the Default Wide HD skin
    • We removed the Windows Update date checking
    • We fixed some problems with the IMDB grabber
    New and Improved:

    We added new and improved functions in the following areas:
    • Merged HD-PVR support patches into TV Server
    • Merged TBS tuner support patches into TV Server
    • Merged DigitalDevices Dynamic PMT patch into TV Server
    • Merged DisEqC motor delay support patches into TV Server
    • TV Server tuner allocation updated to improve handling of per-tuner CAM availability
    • TV Server record start/stop control synchronised to the system clock to improve accuracy
    • Default Wide HD skin updates
    • Remove warnings for supported Windows Server OS
    • Add support for HTTPS (SSL/TLS) web downloads in MP Extension Manager and other places
    • Increased the number of supported fonts in the skin engine.
    • Add string.replace function to skin engine
    • Add otherwise to include condition to skin engine
    • Add #TV.Record.Active (RedDot) property for skin use
    Since 1.22 Pre-release:
    • We updated some TV tuning and EPG grabber data
    • We added https:// URL capability in some places
    • Along with the above items we kept consolidating our software.
    For use Bluray with BD-J support, Java 8 must be installed. We recommend the version Java 8u151 in x86 version.
    Download-Link : Oracle Download Website

    Have a look at the ::release news:: to find out more about the improvements it brings to your HTPC!

    If you find problems/bugs, please report them :: here ::
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    Happy to see that red dot has been integrated, improvments faster than before. :)
    Hey, you changed MP-tvseries skin defaultwide HD with green/yellow for read/unread ?
    Nice ! :cool:
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  4. badboyxx

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    Can somebody confirm that MP is crashing when you jump forward with right arrow while playing a DVD-Iso with internal player?

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