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Important notes:
These plugin snapshots of MediaPortal 2 are compiled automatically. They are not pre-tested, so please take a backup from time to time. If you'd like the bleeding edge code and don't mind the inherent risks, upgrade to the snapshot releases as they become available. If stability is important to you, you might want to stay with the fully tested releases.​
What's contained:
Report Issues / Bugs:
  1. Before you start a bugreport, make sure that you system meets the ::Requirements::
  2. After you checked the requirements, take a look at our ::Bugtracker::, to find out if your issue has already been reported.
  3. If the problem is not known yet, please have a look at the correct Bugreport forum.
    • Issues with MediaPortal have to be reported in the MediaPortal 2 Bugreport forums. Make sure you follow the Guideline, or the thread will be deleted.
Change log:
How to install MediaPortal 2 plugin snapshots in short:
  1. You must have MediaPortal 2 installed already, it's recommended to make a backup of your installed version and configuration
  2. Unzip the download into 'C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal' or 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Team MediaPortal' on a 64-bit machine
  3. Hopefully enjoy the new version
  4. If not, restore your old files and you will have the former version back.
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  • February 27, 2011
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
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    • Removed DLNA aspect and extractor
    • Improved UPnP search criteria to MediaLibrary filter converter so album / artist property classes are processed correctly (sort of)
    • Fixed possible NPE in MediaLibraryVideoItem constructor


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  • Team MediaPortal
  • February 27, 2011
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
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    album / artist property classes are processed correctly (sort of)
    By way of explanation here's a sample UPnP search criteria:
    (upnp:class derivedfrom "object.item.audioItem" and dc:title contains "foo")
    This is converted into MediaLibrary speak as a search for audio media items where MediaAspect title is like %foo%. I got that working in the previous version.

    Here's one of problem searches:
    (upnp:class = "object.container.album.musicAlbum" and dc:title contains "foo")
    The improved converter turns this into a search for audio media items where AudioAspect album is like %foo% so least it looks at the album name, but it's still not 100% right because the expected type of result is albums and what's actually being returned is audio items. I think this is as good as it's going to get until the MIA rework is done.


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  • July 11, 2011
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    I think this is an error in the search.
    Also, I found an unknown device in my network that I have never seen before.... interesting

    [2015-02-04 04:59:07,106] [815473 ] [52 ] [WARN ] - SOAPHandler: Error invoking UPnP action 'Search'
    MediaPortal.Extensions.MediaServer.Parser.SearchException: Invalid property class object.container.playlistContainer of 4
    at MediaPortal.Extensions.MediaServer.Parser.SearchParser.SearchParseListener.ParsePropertyClass(String text)
    at MediaPortal.Extensions.MediaServer.Parser.SearchParser.SearchParseListener.ExitRelExp(RelExpContext context)
    at MediaPortal.Extensions.MediaServer.Parser.UPnPParser.RelExpContext.ExitRule(IParseTreeListener listener)
    at Antlr4.Runtime.Parser.TriggerExitRuleEvent()
    at Antlr4.Runtime.Parser.ExitRule()
    at MediaPortal.Extensions.MediaServer.Parser.UPnPParser.searchCrit()
    at MediaPortal.Extensions.MediaServer.Parser.SearchParser.Parse(String text)
    at MediaPortal.Extensions.MediaServer.UPnPContentDirectoryServiceImpl.OnSearch(DvAction action, IList`1 inParams, IList`1& outParams, CallContext context)
    at UPnP.Infrastructure.Dv.DeviceTree.DvAction.FireActionInvoked(IList`1 inParams, IList`1& outParams, CallContext context)
    at UPnP.Infrastructure.Dv.DeviceTree.DvAction.InvokeAction(IList`1 inParameters, IList`1& outParameters, Boolean checkSignature, CallContext context)
    at UPnP.Infrastructure.Dv.SOAP.SOAPHandler.HandleRequest(DvService service, Stream messageStream, Encoding streamEncoding, Boolean subscriberSupportsUPnP11, CallContext context, String& result)



    Development Group
  • Team MediaPortal
  • February 27, 2011
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
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    The parser doesn't know what to make of
    upnp:class derivedfrom "object.container.playlistContainer" and @refID exists false",filter="dc:title,microsoft:folderPath",startingIndex="0",requestedCount="200",sortCriteria="+dc:title
    I'll add support for it in the next version.

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