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    You mean with the "failed to read remote code..." messages?

    The tuner is an AVerMedia tuner. Therefore it is no great surprise that code intended mostly for Prof tuner hardware/drivers does not work as intended.

    Unfortunately it is not easy to ensure that the Prof USB tuner extension is only used for compatible tuners. The property set (interface) that the extension uses/implements is a property set for a Cyprus chipset/driver that is used by a variety of vendors for their USB tuner designs. Compatibility of the extension depends on how much the vendor has customised their design. Even tuners that you really would not expect - eg. TBS and even PCIe (!!!) TeVii S480/1/2 - may be fully or partially compatible.

    In general I prefer to have an "optimistic" design for tuner extension compatibility. In other words, I don't usually lock the extension to only be compatible with the tuner models that I know will work. There are so many clones and minimally customised reference designs in the tuner market. Chances are that if you add support for one tuner, you have actually added support for all clones... and maybe even all tuners with the same chipset. So in the best case, the "optimistic" design approach gives us best possible hardware compatibility. Also, the beauty of the design is that in the case of problems, most of the time people can simply move/delete extension DLL(s) to workaround it. No code change required.

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