Mediaportal Client error in log (1 Viewer)


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February 1, 2006
i get no picture in mediaportal client on a client machine.

this error is in mediaportal.log

2006-10-29 16:38:01.002625 [Info.][MPMain]: fonts.SetDevice()
2006-10-29 16:38:01.002625 [Info.][MPMain]: RTSPPlayer: add source filter
2006-10-29 16:38:01.002625 [Info.][MPMain]: vmr9:addvmr9
2006-10-29 16:38:01.049500 [Info.][MPMain]: VMR9: enable YUV mixing
2006-10-29 16:38:01.049500 [Info.][MPMain]: VMR9: now active
2006-10-29 16:38:01.049500 [Info.][MPMain]: VMR9Helper:Vmr9 Added
2006-10-29 16:38:01.049500 [Info.][MPMain]: RTSPPlayer:exception while creating DShow graph Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {DF5ACC0A-5612-44BA-963B-C757298F4030} failed due to the following error: 80040154. at MediaPortal.Player.RTSPPlayer.GetInterfaces()
2006-10-29 16:38:01.065125 [Info.][MPMain]: player:ended
2006-10-29 16:38:01.065125 [Info.][MPMain]: RTSPPlayer:cleanup DShow graph
2006-10-29 16:38:01.065125 [Info.][MPMain]: vmr9:Dispose
2006-10-29 16:38:01.080750 [Info.][MPMain]: VMR9: not active
2006-10-29 16:38:01.080750 [Info.][MPMain]: planescene: PresentImage()
2006-10-29 16:38:01.096375 [Info.][MPMain]: PlaneScene: PresentImage() dispose surfaces


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September 6, 2006
West Coast Archipelago
Sweden Sweden
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I have the problem too in one of my clients. The other one with same version works well. I have a newer version SVN Build 12580 (08.01.2007 / 23:27 CET). My guess is some codec conflict but please tell us what your solution was. If you did something else than a version change. Maybe a codec cleanup?


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September 6, 2006
West Coast Archipelago
Sweden Sweden
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I found it! In my case it was that wasn't registered.

Check witch CLSID the error shows and check the registry for that CLSID. Probably missing... then check a working servers registry to see whitch codec the CLSID relates to. Then register that codec.

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