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February 6, 2009
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TV-Server Version:
MediaPortal Version:
MediaPortal Skin: Monochrome 2.4
Windows Version: XP SP3
CPU Type: Q6600
HDD: 1TB samsung
Memory: 4GB 800mhz ddr2
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4
Video Card: ATI HD4870
Video Card Driver: CCC8.561.0.0
Sound Card: Realtek HD output (optical)
1. TV Card: FloppyDTV S2
1. TV Card Driver: digitaleverywhere v5.0.1
MPEG2 Video Codec: ffdshow
Audio Codec: cyberlink
h.264 Video Codec: cyberlink
Satelite/CableTV Provider: astra 2, eurobird1, astra1 (19.2°E), hotbird (13°E)
Cooling: Scythe Ninja
Power Supply: Seasonic 500W


I am running on my pc (no htpc yet), the tv-server and mediaportal client.
I can watch tv through the mediaportal client on MY pc, so the tv-server works, but I can't connect to it through other computers in the network.
I can watch the rtsp stream with every computer in the network though.

Think my problem is my router, the ports...
When I try to connect to the tv-server from a pc in the network it says:

tv-server hostname: "sven-pc" or

Some ports are blocked:
31456 (TCP) RemoteControl
554 (TCP) RTSP streaming
1433 (TCP) MS SQL Server

But when I try to fill in, the MP client just crashes.

I opened all the ports of the windows firewall as the wiki said,
so the only thing left is the router, I hope I configured it wrong so I hope some of you guys can tell me how set my router.
The router is a US Robotics 5462, I have taken some screenshots how it is configured now:

I don't really know which option I have to use to open ports, maybe someone can tell me what to do?

My pc has the following ip: (master server)
Client pc's that need to connect to the tv-server:, etc...

Thx in advance.


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October 8, 2008
i'm not familiar with the router but what you need to do is something called port forwarding which i think is what you've done. This is a guide i found with a quick google about doing it for your router. It's towards the bottom of the page and you can have a look just to make your settings are correct. Hope it helps...
Port Forwarding for the U.S. Robotics xx5462


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February 6, 2009
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Yeah, I already found that link, but that also means I have to do this for every ip in the network.
And when I do this I get an error so it is not possible assigning the same port to multiple ip's.


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February 6, 2009
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bump, anyone? :s


I tried the following commands:

only this worked on remote pc's and the master server:
telnet <server-ip> 554
telnet <hostname> 554 <------ this only worked on the master server

these commands did not work not even on my master pc:
telnet <server-ip> 1433
telnet <server-ip> 1434
telnet <server-ip> 31456
telnet <hostname> 1433
telnet <hostname> 1434
telnet <hostname> 31456


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February 6, 2009
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Hi, today it suddenly worked a while on my laptop.

This succeeds always:
telnet <ip> 554
telnet <ip> 31456

This does not succeed:
telnet <ip> 1433 <----- not even on the masterserver

So when I start up a client it is loading like forever the windows plugin.
And the client crashes when I enter the ip, the error is: "connection has been refused actively by the host"
This happens to a laptop + pc in the network, however on another laptop I can connect and watch tv and zap etc... but sometimes not.

Help :x


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December 15, 2010
try ping rather than telnet :)

i'm not 100% sure, but port forwarding should be used to connect to things outside your network to things inside your network.

the outside just sees your router's ip address when it sends stuff to you, and then the router passes the items to the correct computers.

it knows which computer to send it to because that computer sent the request for the information.

if a new request comes in from the internet, that wasn't asked for by a computer on your network, the router doesn't know who to send it to.

port forwarding is used to tell the router which computer to use in that case.

if you are having problems with your ports inside the network, that should be settings in your router's firewall, or the firewall on one of the computers.

try turning them off (the firewalls, not the routers) and see if that fixes it. if it does, port forwarding isn't your problem, your firewall is.

remember to turn your firewalls back on as soon as you finish testing though.

i had a problem with clients not talking to the server properly, but mediaportal would open fine and would show the recording light correctly.

i then couldn't see any tv listings, channels, or video.

i tried all my firewall settings to no avail.

i finally found out that it was my comodo secure dns server causing the probelm. i set the dns settings in the tcp/ip setting of my network to automatic, and my computers talk to each other fine again :)

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