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June 2, 2006
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yahoo has change, from wmv files to flash videos.. So I don't think this is going to be a easy change,
I have allready check the code.. and for my first impression a big change is in place :-(
Hi iosub,

Doesn't the plugin use the apple website? If so, they are still in quicktime format.



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December 8, 2007
Sometimes TVServer there is a synchronization problem during tvserver startup(DB Connect) and the server fails to initilize.
Is this when you go to MyTV you get the occasional asking for Server Name screen first?

This is very frustrating, would be great if you've fixed it!


Turn up the startup delay in media portal client configuration. More than likely your client is starting up before the TVServer is finished starting. Hope that helps!


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March 18, 2007
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I really appreciate the work done on MediaPortal so far and I'm using it now for more than a year for TV recording. It's the best solution I've found and outperforms all the commercial solutions I've tested so far (e.g. Sceneo Bonavista etc.)

I have started using V2.2.0, and upgraded then to V2.3.0.

Unfortunately I have to say that didn't offer any improvements to me resp. the way I'm using MediaPortal (DVB-C analog TV), rather it sometimes for no apparent reason stops recording (resp. the recording is not complete although it still seems to be recording), which didn't happen with V2.2.0 to me.

Because of this particular issue I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at the 1.0RC1 and the latest and greatest SVN builds available.

I've decided to do a "singleseat" installation using the TV Server 3, because I wanted to take advantage of all the new features outlined (e.g. direct mpeg recording etc.). and installed the svn build (Rev 19127).

I have to say, to me this is far, actually very far, from being a Release Candidate: Almost any functionality that is crucial to me is worse than before.

- Recording: Back-to-back recordings are currently not possible using TV Server 3 (corresponding entries in the forum can be found, so I'm not the only one experiencing this), workaround is to disable pre- and post-recording and manually change this for every individual recording...
- While recording selecting "watch recording from the beginning" doesn't work (corresponding entries in the forum can be found, so I'm not the only one experiencing this). Watching from current position however does work.
- Viewing a recording: fast forward / rewind does not work correctly (2x still shows the normal speed and you still hear the audio). In addition performing faster forwards (4x etc.) no video can be seen, so you don't have a clue e.g. if advertisement is over or not (corresponding entries in the forum can be found, so I'm not the only one experiencing this).
- My Centarea remote doesn't work anymore with MediaPortal 1.0RC1 correctly, but it used to work very well with V2.3.0 (probably just a configuration issue but very annoying)

So I've now reverted to my V0.2.3.0 installation which I've fortunately backed up before installing the 1.0RC1 release.

As long as the most crucial parts are not working at least as well as they do in V0.2.2.0/ I won't be using the 1.0* releases, and I wouldn't dare to call the current RC a "release candidate". To me this is definitely still very beta.

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