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    Since the thread about the MediaStream skin for XBMC started, I have been working on my version of the skin for MP. I know that spuck and mattsk88 have been doing the same, but this is my version. It differs in some ways, but I gess both skins are pretty much true to the original skin.

    I don't want to start a competion about which skin is better, let them exist peacefully side by side :)

    NOTE: The skin contains a few known bugs, and probably a number of unknown...I will upload new versions along the road, hopefully with less and less bugs.

    For a list of supported plugins, please check the Read Me.txt. Please post any request about support here, and I'll deal with them.

    Graphics are mostly from the original skin, but some of it is copied from other skins, and some is made from scratch. If you want to modify or use parts of the skin, please do so :D

    The skin is updated to MediaPortal 1.0.2 Final but a version for 1.0 is also available for download. The skin will also run on the 1.1.0 Alpha.



    View attachment myHome.xml (UPDATED 28/01/09)

    View attachment (UPDATED 13/04/09)

    If you run the new Alpha-release (1.1.0 Alpha) paths to skin-files have changed and these changes are included in the plugin below. You may find that there are some settings related to background-folders, these DOESN'T WORK YET. All background-images must be placed in the folder skin\MediaStream 1.0.1\Media\Wallpapers

    View attachment (ADDED 18/07/09)

    v 0.18 (22/08/09) changes:
    • TV-Series v2.3 now supported
    • MovingPictures v0.7.5 now supported
    • Minor fixes on TVGuide

    v 0.17 (07/05/09) changes:
    • TVOSD now shows logos for the codecs used in the played file (thx Raytestrak)
    • TVGemist files updated, should work with latest version of the plugin (thx Raytestrak)
    • MyTrailers files updated, now showing covers with the titles! (thx Raytestrak)
    • Dialogs DialogSelect.xml and DialogMenu.xml now wide enough to avoid scrolling in most cases
    • Bufix on bugfix from v. 0.16 (folder.jpg image in folder problem)

    v 0.16 (13/04/09) changes:
    • mytvtuningdetails.xml added to skin (thx Lbr_Lion)
    • Bug where no video was shown in preview-window in weather, fixed
    • Bug where a folder with folder.jpg in would not show, fixed
    • Plugin now checks if skinfolder is named "%MediaStream%" as part of the foldername, to improve future compatibility. Used to look for "MediaStream" only
    • myplugins.xml changed to use same overlay-file as myhome.xml (uncluttered a bit)

    v 0.15 (12/02/09) changes:
    • Now 2 skin-packages - one for 1.0 and one for those of you that can't wait for 1.0.1 (current SVN)
    • Updated to support Moving Pictures 0.7 and My TVSeries 2.1.3321
    • TVOSD and VideoOSD reworked and should now be bugfree (?)
    • New TV-Guide
    • My Videos now shows file/foldername if it is not a movie recognized in a movie-database
    • Bug in TV-Series where watched/unwatched icons wasn't visible in wide-banner
    • #MovingPictures.SelectedMovie.user_score removed from Moving Pictures
    • MyTetris updated with bugfixes and new background, thx to mrqpira :)

    v 0.14 (03/02/09) changes:
    • Text overflow in Moving Pictures + MP TV-Series fixed
    • Small adjustment in TV OSD (timeline)
    • Pin-icon for recordings edited and placed properly
    • Focus in recorded TV now set to list by default
    • Full-screen teletext fixed
    • Preparing for 1.0.1 :)

    v 0.13 (27/01/09) changes:
    • Support for SVTPlay added
    • MediaStream.dll updated, is now only active with the MediaStream skin.

    v 0.12 (24/01/09) changes:
    • New layout in myHomePlugIns taht should be more MediaStream-like
    • ShowTimes layout updated (was missing backdrop-picture)
    • Bug in MyFilms where the thumb of selected item wouldn't show fixed
    • Support for MyStreamradio V2 added
    • Support for MyEmulators V3 added

    v 0.11 (21/01/09) changes:
    • WorldMap updated
    • Virtual Keyboard updated
    • Installer added to download, please post back if you have problems with it
    • Extra font added to compensate for bug where elements in a list cannot be adjusted without overlapping

    v 0.10 (20/01/09) changes:
    • Bug in My Films where you couldn't use the buttons with a mouse fixed
    • Mousecontrol now enabled in myHome

    v 0.9 (19/01/09) changes:
    • Bug in Moving Pictures where user could step of list but not back removed
    • Bug where watched/unwatched icon now updates properly in Moving Pictures removed
    • Bug in Recorded TV where list was not focused removed
    • ZAPOSD programname-width fixed
    • Plugin updated, so content of TV-Series now load everytime the module is initiated

    The skin is optimized for 1280x720 (16:9), but 1366x768 will probably also do just fine. 4:3 will mess things up quite a bit...

    If MP complains about the skin not being compatible, your MP version is too low. If you like the skin you can edit the skin-file references.xml and change <version></version> to your current version (probably or Or, better yet, update to the final release of MediaPortal 1.0.

    The zipped skin-file contains a Read Me.txt - I suggest you...well, read it ;)

    If you feel like using this plugin (dll + xml files) with other skins than MediaStream, it should be possible.

    Supported plugins (probably forgot some)

    • Connect4 v0.4.0.0
    • DRipper
    • 4TheRecord
    • Global Search v0.1.6.1
    • MediaSlayer v1.0e
    • Moving Pictures v0.6.2
    • MP-TV Series v2.0.3260
    • MTV Music Videos v0.1
    • Music Trivia v0.3.1
    • mVids - Music Video Database v0.2
    • My Films v4.7.9a
    • My ClickMania v1.1
    • My Emulators v2.0
    • My Minesweeper
    • My Mastermind v2.10
    • My Explorer
    • MyHexxagon v0.3
    • MyOrganizer v2.0
    • MyLyrics v1.00
    • MyTrailers v2.0.1
    • My UK Top 40 v0.4.x.x
    • OnlineVideos v0.4.1
    • Shoutcast
    • ShowTimes Plugin Suite V2
    • RadioTime v0.5
    • TV Gemist v2.0
    • Yahoo Music Videos v0.6
    • WorldMap v1.0 RC2

    And of course all the built-in ones:
    • Sudoku
    • RSS news
    • Tetris
    • Wikipedia
    • Burner
    • Alarm
    • Video Editor
    • Burner
    • Alarm

    Know issues not fixed yet:
    • Navigating to one of the four topbar-buttons and using enter, will trigger the selected menu-item
    • TV-channel logos are not shown in programmeinfo



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  • August 21, 2006
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    wow cheers!

    can you list what plugin's the skin supports? *edit* nvm just saw that its included in the readme file


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  • October 31, 2006
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    Wow, great shot :D
    Although i needs some tweaking here and there it's quite impressive for the first version :D:D


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  • October 15, 2008
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    You should call it some thing like: MediaStream-Pilehave
    So we users can have both skinns installed at the same time ,and change from one to the other.

    Why you should call yours + -Pilehave, i think as you where the second to announce it :)
    So let "spuck and mattsk88" have the real name MediaStream...

    thanks just what im thinking :)
    im gona DL it now.. thanks a lot for your hard work..


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    April 21, 2007
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    The other one isn't going to be named Mediastream tho.. I'm not sure how secret they want the name to stay, but everything indicates that its not going to be mediastream at least. I don't think its a secret, but Ill let the developers of the skin announce the name themselves.

    Oh and its lookin good pilehave =) DL'ing as I type!

    edit: I see that you have an old version of the font(Ø is Ø and so on) in your weather screen..? For the two weeks I used XBMC I got a guy to fix the font for nordic characters, its in recent versions of the original mediastream skin I think.


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    March 17, 2008
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    Awesomeness in it's truest form! Can't wait till I'm done working for today and try this out!
    Thx so much!

    Man this is just gonna be an awesome weekend, with all these new releases; monochrome, indigo, mediastream, the long awaited MovingPictures!


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    Sorry, but this doesn't work for me. I have no backgrounds and only grey boxes for both home screens. Only way to see ANYTHING is to press TV Schedule or LIVE TV on my remote. I've tried to get the menus showing using the mouse, but it does not happen for me. Do I need to download anything else in addition to the .zip? I've installed the fonts and plugins etc. I see the splash screen, then nothing else. I first tried the my_home.xml that was supplied with the skin, then the one you've created available on your menu creator site.

    Now for some more testing and troubleshooting.


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  • October 31, 2006
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    Be aware that there is no basic home screen included yet, i also faced that problem.
    Just DISABLE "start with basic home screen" in MP Configuration

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