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  • September 26, 2006
    Norway Norway
    Minix NEO A2 is a great remote, but there are a few bumps in the road, there are 3 more buttons I'd like to make use of - and maybe remap one that's working.
    I have enabled HID , and extended logging. , also tried to enable MCE+extended logging.
    Still - my mediaportal.log does not contain any remote input, (even input that works well , like left/right/ok, back , volume....)

    I planned to modify Generic_HID.xml
    maybe I need to modify something else for buttons that do common "keyboard" input (like "home")


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  • June 10, 2013
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    Minix NEO A2 is a great remote, but there are a few bumps in the road... ...Maybe I need to modify something else for buttons that do common "keyboard" input
    As there have been no replies, I suspect that you may be the only person in the entire universe who wants to use this remote with MediaPortal :eek:. I have no experience with this remote, but hopefully the following comments will help you arrive at a solution:

    (1) From the description of the remote, I get the impression that it generates keystrokes (plus mouse movements and mouse clicks for the mouse part).

    (2) If (1) is correct, when you plug in the USB receiver, Windows will think that you have plugged in a keyboard and a mouse. Windows will not think that you have plugged in a remote control :(.

    (3) If (2) is correct, I don't think that the MP support for "General HID" or "Microsoft MCE" has any effect :(. The keystrokes will be processed by MP's keyboard sypport.

    (4) If (3) is correct, the "Mappings" panel in the "Remotes" section of "MP Config" will have no effect :(, and you will not see any output in the log file regarding the buttons pressed :(. To customise the buttons you need to use MP's keyboard-mapping panel, this one:

    (5) The "gotcha" with the keyboard mapping in MP is that it is significantly less capable than the corresponding one for the remote :cry:. For example, there is no keyboard shortcut to display the EPG, and you cannot create one using the keyboard mapping panel.

    (6) One possibility to address (5) is to use an MP extension, specifically the "Generic Keyboard/Remote Input" plugin:

    I have never used this plugin, but from its description it suggests that it can capture all keystrokes (including those involving any of the various shift keys: ALT, CTRL, SHIFT, WIN), and then map those keystrokes to actions in MP, or to panels in MP (so for example it should be possible to define a key to display the EPG) :).

    (7) A possible problem with (6) is that this plugin may not work with the current version of MP :(. The following post from @Sebastiii includes a patched version for MP 1.09, which may work with MP 1.12:

    Summary: You will need to experiment to identify what keystroke the remote sends for each button, and then use the "Generic Keyboard/Remote Input" plugin (or some other software) to map the keystroke as you wish. So some work for you to do, I think. :coffee:

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK

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  • April 29, 2013
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    Those kind of hardware are weird. It's usually a wireless keyboard with very limited IR capability.
    I would think most of the input coming out of that thing do not need HID. Though volume and mute might and few IR commands too.
    If the HID handler is not working for you try the 'Media' handler.


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  • September 26, 2006
    Norway Norway
    hi, thanks for the answers, especially CyberSimian.
    Enabling HID made the volume controls/mute/next/pause/prev work. actually most of the buttons do work except "home"
    Used my workstation (Linux) to test the kays, the "home" is detected as "homepage" , then the one above, detected as "menu" and the upmost centered button, with scancode 0xf8 )

    I think the buttons are designed as-is, because it works instantly with android.

    As for the remote choice; The remote "feels" very good, the QWERTY keyboard underneath is great(for searching in media), and the gyro-mouse is also great - I only tested it for a while, because MP does not really require a mouse feature.
    Also, I would not debase my living room by a MCE remote (with windows logo) - and I really except to run KODI on linux anytime soon, and use MP as TV server in own restricted subnet, then let the TV stream thru the FW.

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