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    I have thought about comskip earlier. Indeed I have prepared a (not used) setting for this already. But it is complicated, if you want the video to be cut. Setting comskip markers as chapters is easy enough, but that is not what I had in mind. I need to manually prepare the cutting points inside MKV-Buddy as Handbrake (used for transcoding) has no direct support for comskip. And I don't have the "donation" version so I can not use it for h264 files. But that is the majority of videos I have. I really need to hunt for mpeg2 videos just to test this. And as comskip is not even near to be exact enough for my needs I canceld the implementation of comskip support.

    At the moment I'm working on a new feature that will bring new functionality to MKV-Buddy. But it's a lot of work, so I don't have time to restart comskip implementation now. Once the new feature (no, I won't tell what it will be today ;) ) is finished and working properly I may restart implementing of comskip feature (but no promises). For this best would be if I can get access to a h264 enabled version of comskip to implement it properly. I won't buy it myself as I won't use comskip because it is not precise enough for my needs and expectations. I don't want to spend money on a tool I won't use...


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    Fair enough. Various use cases are always going to be different and the worst case scenario is I can always create a tool to do this after the fact. The general workflow I had set up was to have Comskip run automatically on the TS files that the TV Server creates. I'd parse the csv file that was generated and use it to set up cut points (there's some clear trickiness here as sometimes the commercial is at the start of the video, etc), then once the TS file was converted with Handbrake, I'd use the cut points and MkvMerge to skip the commercials. There's obviously a lot that needs to go into implementing that so I'm not surprised it must go on the back burner.

    If you ever want some dev help let me know, at this point I'm more interested in how I can use MKV-Buddy rather than continue to implement my own tool.


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    I want to tell you, that there will be no further development on MKV-Buddy any more. That's the bad news. And now the good news... a new Tool named "Media-Buddy" will be released soon that can do all MKV-Buddy could, but can do much more...

    Also MKV-Buddy started as a tool for working with MKV only it lately already could do lots of things for "Non- MKV" videos. So the old name was misleading and may have prevented some people from using it, also it could be useful for them...
    The new version also will be able to work with Audio- files so finally a new name was mandatory.
    Media-Buddy will be able to add fanart and .nfo files for Audio similar it does already to video files. As the next "major" version of MP2 will offer support for Audio .nfo too a user finally is completely independent on online grabbing while importing media. But for this the audio metadata that can not be added as ID3 tags (mostly Artist metadata and fanart) needs to be available next to the local files. Also .nfo are not that common for audio than they are for video there still are some tools (like Kodi) supporting .nfo for Audio too. And now MP2 also will. But there is no (comfortable) tool to generate audio .nfo files. This is where Media-Buddy jumps in.
    As a first step an option to (batch-) recode audio files is already implemented and working. The "rest" of the audio part is in development recently.

    Another "big" new feature is the ability to correct the metadata and fanart grabbed by the Wizards earlier.

    For series you can edit the metadata and fanart of the series and for every single episode.

    You can change all fanart images and alter the main facts of the metadata.

    For episodes you can alter the metadata and the thumbnail and also the season poster and banner, if you like.

    Season poster and banner only is working if you have separate folders per season. The files are edited for the season of the selected episode...

    Similar is working for Movies.

    On the first page you can alter the metadata and on the second page you can edit the fanart.

    Even for "Non- movies or series" you can edit the metadata and fanart:

    You can use images downloaded from Internet or you can tell Media-Buddy to create background and posters from still- images captured from the video file (as on this example).

    Another new feature is the integration of "Don't sleep" a tiny little tool to prevent the system from going into standby/hibernate or even from shutting down while Media-Buddy is running.

    To make things complete you now can send the system to sleep or shutdown, end Media-Buddy or simply do nothing after an (longer lasting) operation is completed.

    There even will be more to come. There also should be a wizard for Audio files, similar to the movies and series wizards already known. And Media-Buddy will be able to generate "stub- files" for better importing of optical disks into the media library. MP 2.2 will support stub files too... But those things are not ready today and will need some time to finish.

    Also Media-Buddy is not completely finished yet I have uploaded a preview version All that was shown on the screenshots above and everything MKV-Buddy could do is working in So you can try it without fear of bigger issues. I'm using this version for my daily "media- work" at home and didn't encounter any issues... Feedback is very welcome. Once Version 1.0 is ready I will close this thread and open a new one for Media-Buddy.

    The design of Media-Buddy kindly was provided by @ge2301


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