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February 6, 2009
Hi guys

Is it possible to have a banner view panel in TV Series but use the series posters instead? Basically I have a ridiculous number of series now and navigating between them is a PITA. I can't find where the banner is being injected into the banner panel.

Anyone shed some light ?

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    There is current limitation of the plugin only having a single facade control. This is not very flexible for skinners because the image dimmensions differ for posters and widebanners so you can really only have one or the other.

    We do have plans to improve that, but in the meantime maybe we can make a skin setting that allows the skinner to control that or we could make posters get added into smallicon facade similar to how logos are now.

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    I think two facades, like the two lists in MovPics would be the way to go. Skinners could just use the dims and gfx from the common vidieo facade. In the plugin an option to choose which way to display series would cover all bases.

    I think the skin settings would cause a problem because of the different dims and gfx, perhaps adding them to the small icon view would be a good temporary solution. Most people would use poster view to see more series on the screen, and large icons would probably show less series that the wide banners.

    Just my 2p ;)

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