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December 23, 2007
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I tried migrating from MP1 to MP2 for the second time today.
I've found that the movie importer doesn't seem to pick up on a number of movies very well, and there isn't an obvious way to get it to refresh it's database if you go through and refresh.
movies that wouldn't auto detect (file names given):
Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone.mkv
I only have one Deathly Hallows movie visible, with the 2 files below in the folder:

I expected to get a few issues, but I'm hugely disappointed after using Moving Pictures in MP1. MP was far better at guessing the movies, plus also let you view the movies it wouldn't automatically match.

I've read the article on how to label movies for MP2 to understand them, but that's a huge job to change the names of all the movies, especially when MP1 and even Kodi can recognise most of them.

I've tried a few tools, as suggested on the forum to "clean up" my movie names, and also the one to "export my MP database from 1" but nothing seems to work consistently.

Sorry to vent, MP2 is great as a whole, but it just seems the movie parser / importer has taken a big step backwards compared to MP1.


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  • January 11, 2014
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    I've tried a few tools
    I’ve a few thousand movies tagged with tiny media manager or media buddy. All of them are imported correctly. It’s a few minutes import with online scrapping turned off, very comfortable. Then you didn’t tag them correctly, because MP2 just reads what is written in the nfo files.

    In case of incorrect imported media items a reimport for every individual media item from context menu is also possible. You can just select the right search result from what was found online on scrapping pages.


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  • February 16, 2012
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    I tried importing some files with the same names as the ones you mention, and fixed some issues. The only file it doesn't find is the Aladdin movie which is also not found if searching for "Aladdin (2019)" on TheMoviesDb. I don't know why this is the case but it seems like an issue we can't fix.


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    December 23, 2007
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    ok, so I went through the process of fixing all the existing files where tagging wasn't perfect. It was a painful exercise but it's finally done. I've left the import running for a few weeks (Still using Mediaportal 1 for watching) and MP2 is still struggling with newly added movies.
    I've had my system set up for automation for a long time now, so movies / TV shows are copied to my system automatically, and usually without NFO files, so I don't think a tool like Media Buddy is going to help. My PC is generally used from the sofa without a keyboard, just a Harmony remote, so anything I put in has to be automatic.

    FYI, the next movie title it can't work out is Wonder Woman 1984.2020.1080p.mkv.

    I get "Untitled Wonder Woman 3", while MP1 / Moving Pictures successfully finds the movie.

    Henso thanks for your efforts, I've noticed that my "Deathly Hallows" movies are now correctly identified.

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