[Bug] Movies PLugin : Covers disapear after some time (1 Viewer)


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  • October 27, 2010
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    Hi again.

    This time, the problem is in the Movies plugin, under Titanium. After sometime, all other covers than the actually displayed disapear from the list whatever the display mode choosen. All non displayed movies takes the default video icon (white camera on blue background).

    The problem also occurs under Rising skin. Seems it can't be reproduced with the Default Basic skin.

    In the logs, I can see "[2013-02-24 00:09:33,916] [925229 ] [DX Render] [DEBUG] - ContentManager: 10 resources deallocated, next cleanup in 1 seconds. 91.3984375/100 MB"

    When I can see no ressources beeing desalocated for at least 1 minute, I'm certain the Covers will be dropped, so I think the ressources desallocation also unload undisplayed covers from the view.

    Step to reproduce :

    - Go in the movie section
    - Select "Show all" option
    - Scroll the view : most of the covers are present (exept if not avaliable online of course)
    - Stop touching MP2 client and wait. Watch the logs until you see no ressource beeing desallocated for at least 2 minutes.
    - Browse again the movies : covers are gone.

    You gonna hate me to be active again :p
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    I tested it multiple times yesterday, in Series and Movies, using Titanium and Rising Skin. I could not reproduce any issues with missing covers after garbage collector runs.

    Does anyone else see the same behavior?

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