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  • October 5, 2004
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    The timeout for running the FFMPEG.exe is currently set to 2500. When thumbnailing high resolution mkv files here, FFMPEG needs more time to generate the thumbnail, especially if the mkv files are located on an external USB harddisk.

    In this case the MovieThumbnailer plugin expects the process to be failed and continues with the next file.
    The image file which might be created a little bit later in TEMP-folder are being ignored and won't be deleted.

    After increasing the timout to 5s, I was able to get more thumbnails. Using a timeout of 10s I have currently no missing thumbnails here.
    I created a new branch containing the fix.

    I also updated the FFMPEG to v1.1 which has been released lately.
    This required a change within the arguments to get it working again.
    [yadif @ 0204c420] Option 'enable' not found
    [AVFilterGraph @ 0204e020] Error initializing filter 'yadif' with args '0:-1:0'
    Error opening filters!

    I am not sure if we should use a timeout value at all, because the process might take some time depending on the end users' system.
    If using a timeout, atleast the process should be killed, otherwise the jpg file might be created in TEMP afterwards, but won't be deleted anymore.
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