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    I am attempting to setup Amazon Prime US under OnlineVideos. I have username and password setup but constantly fail with "There is no player registered to play media item" on any movie or tv show. So far I have tried 6 different 2.1.1 clients some windows 10 and some windows 7, some client only and one full install with two installs being fresh on test systems. Results have been consistent on all systems so far. I have also tried all three player types; InputStream, Browser and BrowserHTML5 as well as low, high and fullHD quality options with no change. I did find a somewhat related post to it being a missing VC issue. I had VC 2008 x86, 2008x64, 2013 x86, 2015 x86, 2015 x64 then added 2010 x86, 2010 x64 and 2013 x64 with no change.

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    Steps to Reproduce:
    attempt to play any video from amazon prime us in 2.1.1



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    I also have VC 2010 x86 installed on my system but can't say if it is really required or not. If you would like to know which versions are truly needed, you'd need to uninstall them all and do a repair install of MP 2.1.1

    This could affect other software that is installed on your PC, yet if you take note of the installed versions prioir to uninstalling them, it should be easy to restore the same state.

    Maybe worth the try?


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    Just a note: there is a conceptual problem by the siteutil selection. It is based on language only (de, en), so there is a conflict with UK and US. I think at the moment you might get it working only by some editing of the OnlineVideos xml config.

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    Well, yeah I think I can take a quick look at it if someone shares his/her credentials

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