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  • October 17, 2008
    MediaPortal Version:
    also on Beta:
    MediaPortal Version: v1.0.4.23491
    Further (Hardware) Config : Not relevant for this problem

    Hi there,

    MediaPortal fails displaying some embedded cover arts in mp3 songs:

    One simple example:

    Have a mp3 Title with ID3 Tag and Embedded Cover. The ID3-Tags say

    Artist "dummyArtist"
    Title: "dummyTitle
    Album: "dummyAlbum - CD01"

    MP will extract the cover art and save it <artist><album> on the disk.

    However, once you try to play the title MP fails to display this extracted
    cover art at all.

    Once the " - CD01" part is removed at the album Album tag (Album reads then
    "dummyAlbum") MP shows the album correctly.

    So the problem must have to do with the Album Naming - here the CD or DISC Info.


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  • September 7, 2009
    Ireland Ireland
    Yes, same here...

    For multi-disc sets I use the fairly common naming as "title (disc 1)" "title (disc 2)" but this fails to find the artwork.

    My guess is that numbers and symbols are been stripped somewhere so that MP thinks it's "title disc" "title disc" and missing the unique identifying information.

    Note, this effects Audioscrobber artist/cover look-up too.

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