MP suddenly Crashes when starting live TV on some channels and on some recordings (2 Viewers)


March 28, 2020
Denmark Denmark
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I have been using MP 1 for years with no troubles. but in the last couple of days it sudden just crashes when starting live tv.
Using 2 dual DVBC tuners. TV preview in the TV server works with no problems.
logs are included.
When the stream is started you just hear 1 second of sound and then MP just dieds - after statting MP on looking under tv and streams it seems like the stream is still running...
I have tried to upgrade to MP 1.24 from 1.20 that did not help - running LAV decoders (same issue with MS decoders)

viewing on 4K.
Running Windows 10 1909 and MP 1.24.0
Using 2 Digital devices Cinec2t2 v7 cards

This is my first report/ask for help - let me know if I am missing anything...
Hope you can help me... wife and kids want the TV back :cool:



March 28, 2020
Denmark Denmark
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