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    MP-TVSeries focuses on managing the user's TV Series library with minimal user interaction, allowing for a more user friendly and ease of use experience.

    The MP-TVSeries plugin will scan your hard drive (including network and removable drives) for video files, it then analyzes them by their path structures to determine if they are TV Shows. If the file(s) are recognized then the plugin will go online and retrieve information about them. You can then browse, manage and play your episodes from inside MediaPortal in a nice graphical layout.

    The information it retrieves is coming from which allows any user to add and update information. The plug-in will automatically update any information so should for instance a series description change, this will automatically update for you. Please go there and support zsori (author and admin) by adding data and uploading artwork. Remember, without this database none of this would be possible. All fields available there are/will be supported.

    If you enjoy using MP-TVSeries please consider donating to help support continued development:
    Pay Damien L Haynes using PayPal.Me

    Supported Platforms
    • MediaPortal 1.17 - 1.24
    Download For MediaPortal

    Other useful links:
    Change Log


      • Fixed regression when loading recently added view containing episodes that have no online series matched from import;
      • Fixed MediaInfo not scanned during import on clean databases;
      • Escape series names during search using an improved method, this should provide better online matches during import.


    • Added support to get Posters, Banners and Fanart from via the Artwork Chooser GUI;
    • Added support to get Posters and Fanart from via the Artwork Chooser GUI;
    • Added support to get Episode thumbnails from via the Artwork Chooser GUI;
    • Added a localised skin property ( #TVSeries.Artwork.LocalisedType ) for the current artwork type;
    • Added links to and in the configuration dialog for selected series;
    • Added async image loading in tvseries episode views (required for large images from;
    • Added option to override the search language to English. Useful if named series on disk are in English and chosen online language is otherwise);
    • Fixed exception when manually updating series with no episode thumbnails;
    • Fixed DVD ordered episodes in the configuration dialog;
    • Fixed crash in Artwork Chooser when a full sized artwork download fails;
    • Improvements to Artwork Chooser current background art when deleting and selecting new fanart and random fanart is activated;
    • Improvements to image resolution when selecting local artwork in Artwork Chooser;
    • Removed Facade with ID 51 and 52. Skinners should now use a single facade (ID 50) and use conditional includes basis the artwork type property (see included Titan skin for an example);
    • Updated all v1 API endpoints to secure connections (https);
    • Updated Dutch, French and German translations.

    • Fixed DVD order not working during import (work around due to combined season/episode numbers not working correctly in v1 API);
    • Added context menu item to Artwork Chooser that allows user to delete a local artwork from disk if not selected as default;
    • Updated Swedish translations, thanks emphatic;
    • Changed the order of the Artwork Chooser context menu item when invoked from the episode view (toggle watched is now back in 1st position).


    • Added new Artwork Chooser GUI. User can download and select Series Fanart, Posters, Wide Banners and Season Posters;
    • Added delete file logic to MPTV recording database when file is physically deleted in mptvseries (thanks framug);
    • Added support to get whether or not a video file is HDR. New MediaInfo properties Colour Primaries and Format Commercial;
    • Added option to postpone MediaInfo scan in configuration, scan will pick up missing MI in GUI import;
    • Added option to skip episode matching screen in the configuration import wizard if there are no episodes that require manual matching;
    • Added option to use the filename's last folder as the Series name for online matching. This should only be enabled if the path folder has a clean series name;
    • Fixed duration detection during MediaInfo scan not working on all media;
    • Updated video player to use new event for updating GUI properties (thanks Sebastiii)
    • Improved series name matching online;
    • Handle bad API responses from TVDb API v1. Added workarounds to various issues recently introduced to get missing data and images;
    • Various fixes and improvements to the Configuration UI;
    • Updated French translations (thanks framug);
    • Updated Titan skin files.
    • Fixed Fanart not downloading for some series;
    • Fixed imports not working on new databases under certain conditions;
    • Fixed imports not working on some regional settings;
    • Fixed Fanart counter in GUI (now supports more than 100);
    • Added parental control unrestricted period (defaults from 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM), this can be changed in configuration. This will help preventing the need to enter in pin code when switching to protected views when the little ones are asleep.
    • Updated support for Trakt plugin v6.0.1. This is required for trakt community ratings during import.
    • Removed plugin override of button labels in skin side menu. This change may break some skins side menus.
    • Added RatedAt fields to the OnlineSeries, OnlineEpisode and Seasons table. This will be used to record when an item was rated.
    • Added auto backup and restore for database volume if corrupt. If the database integrity is good on startup then its backed up, if it's corrupt the corrupted database is backed up and the last known good one is restored automatically.
    • Added season ratings to Season view in Titan skin. Requires trakt community ratings to be enabled in configuration, does not provide season ratings.
    • Updated translations from Transifex.
    Note: Skinners will need to double check what is being used for labels on side menu button and ensure they're still correct.

    • Fixed trakt community ratings sometimes being overwritten with tvdb ratings.
    • Fixed user edited fields not being reflected in the configuration tool after reload.
    • Added new skin setting function 'FormatThousands' to allow you format large numbers e.g trakt community votes e.g 41983 -> 41,983.
    • Added new formatting rules to the Titan skin so it displays vote counts for ratings with thousands separators.
    • Fixed community ratings not being displayed when using a comma for decimal separator in regional settings.
    • Fixed an issue where series were not correctly matching if two series differed only by an exclamation mark e.g. Betrayal -> Betrayal!
    • Added PDB debug file to installer.
    • Added new fields to the Season table so user can override the Season Title and Summary.
    • Added an option in configuration that will retrieve community ratings from Ratings for shows, seasons and episodes are much better there than at and with the help of the TraktPlugin it's a logical choice for ratings. This feature is only supported if you also have the latest Trakt plugin installed (v5.3.1+) and have a valid login and MP-TVSeries plugin enabled in Trakt configuration. As an added bonus, season ratings will also be imported (these are not supported at and also season summaries.
    • Added an option in configuration which automatically counts any special episodes (i.e. episodes in Season 0) as watched when viewing the watched count at the Series level. Thanks to community member barneh. This may be useful for people that like to see how many episodes left to watch at the series level minus any specials.
    • Added a new Language field for the Audio sound track in MediaInfo. Thanks to community member barneh.
    • Added support to choose a different language per series. Thanks to community member barneh. From the configuration Online Data tab select to override language per series, then in the Details tab select your language on already imported series.
    • Added an option in configuration when cleans up episodes from the database if they no longer exist online. This is only applicable for users which download all episode information.
    • Added support to match series against their alias names defined at
    • Publish custom plugin name to skin in the #TVSeries.PluginName property.
    • Remove TVDb warning dialog when rating in TVSeries if the Account ID is not set and using the internal rate dialog.
    • Fixed Sub-Central option in configuration not appearing if launching from the desktop shortcut.
    • Fixed the StopTime field in the database not being present in the database after a fresh import on a clean database. Previously it was only created after an episode was partially watched with-in tvseries.
    • Fixed a bug in configuration not clearing the tab when clicking on the Empty database link.
    • Fixed a bug in the Titan skin where season title was not displayed in Filmstrip/Coverflow layouts.
    • Updated translations from Transifex.


    • Added Titan skin files to installer, a few bug fixes and enhancements.
      • Added series status (Continued/Ended) to series views.
      • Changed Series episode count to Season episode count in season views.
      • Change season index / episode index to Director and Writers in episode views.
      • Added user rating icons to posters in series and episode views.
      • Added new episode icon to series view posters.
      • Fixed the lock icon position for PinCode dialog.
    • Removal of (Service is shutting down end of September).
    • Updated translations from Transifex.
    • Added a Trailers context menu item from Series, Season and Episode views. User can stream trailers via the Trailers\OnlineVideos plugins.
    • Added Trailers MPEI package to main installer package.
    • Added a workaround when resuming from standby into a protected view, user will now return to the previous menu rather than attempt to show the PinCode dialog as this no longer works in MP 1.7 when invoked to early.
    • Updated translations from Transifex.
    The Trailers plugin allows streaming of Movie, Show, Season and Episode videos (trailers, teasers, clips and featurettes). If no associated video is found at then you can manually search on YouTube, iTunes or IMDb.

    Trailers can be accessed from the F9 context menu (INFO button on remote).

    • Fixed 'PlayCount', 'FirstDateWatched' and 'LastDateWatched' fields being cleared when an online update of an episode occurs.
    • Publish skin properties for the users 'views', allows skin designers to create custom menus on the home screen. See debug log for available skin properties.
    • Updated to support MediaPortal 1.7. Not compatible with earlier versions. Includes compatibility issues some users reported with v4.0.0.
    • Added safer access to the fanart collection when multiple plugins are accessing them at the same time.
    • Fixed and re-enabled string replacement for acronym detection. Thanks Rochess.
    • Updated translations from Transifex.
    Change Log - MediaPortal 1.6 releases


    • Includes bug fixes and features done as part of v4.0.0-4.0.2 releases.
    • Disabled string replacement in v3.5.2 for acronym detection, breaks other series matches.
    • Fixed view tags not working when a tag name contained an apostrophe.
    • Added a new "On Play" action: "Play First Unwatched otherwise Random". If there is no unwatched then it will pick a random episode. Users may need to check in configuration is desired option is still selected as indexes have changed.
    • Added Extensions plugin installer to installation package.
    • Added 'LastWatchedDate', 'FirstWatchedDate' and 'PlayCount' fields to the online_episodes table. Primary use case will be for syncing plugins like Trakt. When user toggles watched, it will not affect the PlayCount. Database will be upgraded on first startup, anything watched will have a playcount of 1.
    • Updated installer so that the Trakt installation package is now referenced by it's online ID, this means the installer size is reduced and package is downloaded if minimum version is not already installed.
    • Improved thread safety when multiple plugins performing an episode query via the API.
    • Improved logging of script execution in MPEI installer window during installation. Should be clear what it's actually doing.
    • Updated the configuration launcher to be compatible with MediaPortal 1.6, it will no longer crash. Correct one is installed during installation, if user upgrades MediaPortal after installing tvseries it's recommended to re-run the installer.
    • Removed the generic PluginConfigLoader.exe from the installation package.
    • Send 'Watched' flag to Trakt plugin when selecting trakt from the internal tvseries menu. This can be used to show spoilers on shouts when episode is watched and 'hide spoilers' is enabled.
    • Updated default string replacements for acronym detection. Thanks Rochess.
    • Updated translations from Transifex.
    The TVSeries MPEI Installer only includes support for Default and DefaultWide skin. If you are using Titan you will need to install the latest Titan Extended release which includes support for 3rd Party plugins.

    • Added support to search for actors, writers, directors and guest stars from selected show/episode. This is available under 'Trakt' from the context menu.
    • Added support to search for Actor from the Actors GUI, this will perform a search on trakt so you can view the Actors biography.
    • Updated translations from Transifex.
    • Updated Trakt plugin to v3.1.0.
    • Replaced togglebuttons with checkbuttons in Playlist and Fanart Chooser GUI.
    • Replaced togglebuttons with checkmarks (not checkbuttons) in the Rate Dialog.
    • Updated the Options class so its thread safe. Will prevent issues where external plugins access the tvseries API.
    • Updated the logging prefix format.
    • Updated the Trakt context menu to use the Trakt plugin API rather than duplicate it in TVSeries.
    • Fixed Season watched count not incrementing after watching an episode if season contained episodes with non-unique air-dates.
    • Updated translations from Transifex.
    • Updated Trakt plugin to v2.9.0.
    • Added support for Transifex translations, thanks chefkoch.
    • Updated Trakt plugin to v2.7.0.
    • Improvements and Fixes to deletes from Config and GUI, duplicate episodes are now correctly handled.
    • Support for translated view name as a skin loading parameter.
    • Fixed an issue with using 'space-bar' after launching import wizard,
    • First series in configuration details tab will now be selected when launching configuration and on import complete.
    • Non-localized artwork will now download if no localized artwork exists.
    • Replace some quirky characters before inserting data into database, prevents bad rendering of fonts in GUI.
    • Disallow user edits for MediaInfo episode fields in configuration.
    • Default (4:3) skin improvements and bug fixes.
    • Updated PinCode images in Default skins.
    • Updated Trakt plugin to v2.6.0.

    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect banner could appear during/after import of new episodes.
    • Fixed failed downloads of images being incorrectly added to database.
    • Fixed an issue where manual import did not work on some systems after resume from standby.
    • Added support for new DetaultWide (16:9) and Default (4:3) skins in MediaPortal 1.3 Beta.
    • Added configurable option to automatically download Actors for series.
    • Added new configurable option to clean up invalid database references to image files on disk. Only on series posters and banners.
    • Added configurable option to cancel image downloads after a number of consecutive failures.
    • Updated default regular expressions to better handle date formats in filenames.
    • Updated French translations.
    • Improved support for Skin Themes such as Skin Settings and Facade Images.
    • Fixed new banners/posters not being downloaded in some cases.
    • Fixed Parental Control timer not being reset when pin-code is re-entered.
    • Fixed debug logging sometimes getting through to the config window logger.
    • Speed up Episode Counts esp. for large number of series > 100. Use case of 160 series was taking several minutes on a high powered i7, it now only takes 1sec!
    • Added 'Recently Added Unwatched Episodes' to New Episode Indicator. Can be changed from configuration.
    • Updated Trakt Plugin to v1.8.0.
    • Temporarily removed the SubCentral plugin until MediaPortal 1.3 Beta (due to chaining installation bug, Mantis: 0003925).
    • Fixed a possible crash when updating season episode counts.
    • Fixed a possible crash in the Import Wizard's episode match panel.
    • Fixed a crash during import whilst updating user ratings if no download mirrors are available.
    • Fixed a crash in configuration when deleting series or season(s) from disk.
    • Improved speed of episode thumbnail processing during import whilst in configuration. Was extremely slow for larger collections.
    • Updated Dutch translations, thanks HomeY.
    • Updated Czech translations, thanks Kucheek.
    • Added new option in configuration which checks playback of episode is not out of order.
    • Added global filter for 'Unwatched Episodes', this can be applied to any view. Filter can be applied from Context Menu or on supported skins in the Hidden menu.
    • Added small delay before closing PinCode dialog.
    • Added an icon to Views context menu to indicate which views are Parental Controlled.
    • Added colour highlighting in the View/Layout context menus to indicate which is the current on screen.
    • Fixed PinCode dialog not working with some remote controls.
    • Fixed missing 'Season' text from the Season delete dialog.
    • Fixed episode counts in Season view being incorrect for some series when sorting by DVD order.
    • Fixed sorting of episodes in Configuration Details tab when using DVD sort order.
    • [API] Small enhancement to 'GetNextUnwatchedEpisodes' API, can now optionally filter out specials.

    We would like to thank all team members past and present and the community for their support, patches and bug reports.


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    Very nice release (y)

    With stability no longer an issue, it is just down to the little things that make usage much nicer (and especially increase WAF).

    I use many views to seperate and categorize a large amount of TV shows, and some of those views are PIN-protected. So the ability to see which views have a PIN code visually when inside the view menu makes it just 'that' much easier. WAF++ on that one :cool:

    The same with the new playback out of order option. To eleborate that one for other users, open your MP-TVSeries configuration, and switch to the "General" tab. Then in the bottom right corner you will see the new option that is not enabled by default. The tooltip explains most of what it does, but in short if you have the scenario in which you only show the unwatched episodes (or delete from disk the ones you already watched and not show all episodes), and your method to obtain new episodes freaks out one week and skips an episode, then you will get a nice warning if you try to skip it by watching the next episode.

    So say for example you watched Fringe 4x17 last week and tonights episode is skipped for whatever reason/error, then if you try to watch 4x19 next week, you will get a nice error saying in "You did not watch Fringe 4x18, are you sure you want to continue?". You can still force to watch it, but at least MP-TVSeries protected you from accidently skipping an episode in the natural playing order (kinda like a Fringe event).

    It does not work across seasons, so if you start 2x01, it will not check to make sure you watched the last S01 episode. But that should not be a big problem for most users :D


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    Thank you for it update. It fixed a problem where info in list view was overlapping in one of the themes. Did realize where the problem came from. Thought it was my tinkering.


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    New release available v3.4.0. See first post for details.
    Thanks to DieBagger and FragKing on submitting patches.


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    Just ran MP Entension Installer and told it to update all.
    Trakt updated
    MP-TVSeries still at


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    I only just published the update please, try again ;)
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