1.10.0 [MP1-4578] Crashes after standby (2 Viewers)


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July 29, 2012
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Since Mediaportal 1.10 final has been released I'm going to update to this new release soon. I discussed MP1-4578 in https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/threads/mp1-4578-crashes-after-standby.127806/page-58 with @Sebastiii and he asked me to create a new thread for this since the old one has moved to archive and this has still not been fixed(code isn't merged to master yet). The patches provided in the thread are working great for me for many weeks now, I didn't have any issues after standby anymore and hope to continue this on mp 1.10 final.

A new patched bin is needed for this 1.10 final release, @Sebastiii is going to create this soon.

More information about this bug can be found in: https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/threads/mp1-4578-crashes-after-standby.127806/

AREA 51 Thread -> HERE <-
Jira Link : https://issues.team-mediaportal.com/browse/MP1-4578
Git Branch : https://github.com/MediaPortal/Medi...)_causes_freezes_after_resume_from_standby_V2
V19 bin : https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/...hes-after-standby.127806/page-46#post-1111607
TvPlugin bin (try to fix loadskin error) : https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/...hes-after-standby.127806/page-37#post-1110313
Installer based on V26 and 1.10Final + TvPlugin : http://tinyurl.com/ozfklzz
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    Maybe little of topic, but if this fix work,
    Not better to put a note in more viable place in the forum, with link to this update ?


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    July 29, 2012
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    I didn't have any related problems for the last week with V29. One problem which isn't related I think was the keyboard layout was messed up after standby, for example the OK button on my remote didn't work anymore and when typing characters I got weird special characters. Although this problem was also still there when I closed mediaportal and used windows or other applications. After a reboot it was gone, I had similair problems months ago which were fixed by a bios downgrade so maybe it's still broken sometimes. But I don't think this has anything to do with Mediaportal.

    Another thing I wonder about, we're testing and @Sebastiii is working on this issue for months now. For me it works perfect for @HTPC_Sourcer it still doesn't work correct. When looking in the git branch(https://github.com/MediaPortal/Medi...)_causes_freezes_after_resume_from_standby_V2) no work on this is done for a little less than a month. So i'm wondering what is going to happen with this fix? Will it be included in mediaportal 1.11(pre)? I think although the fix isn't perfect for everyone atleast its much better than the code which is in the master branch at the moment.


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    I may have solved the problem today.

    • Without further changes, V29 crashes MP at every resume on my system.
    • I looked into the Intel graphics driver again. In its latest version I discovered some additional settings. Playing with them led to a state where MP resumes with the "half screen" phenomenon, i.e. MP running in 1024*780 on top of a 1920*1080 desktop. The system returned twice into this state. I didn't really test it a lon time, but the second time MP switched from the half screen display to regular full screen after some 30s...
    • I then looked into the registry and changed the graphics driver control settings for the x/y parameters in the NOEDID section from 1024*780 to 1920*1080.
    I will need to monitor this some time to check if it is sustainable.


    P.S.: if detailsof the settings are of interest, I can post it here - right now writing from memory only.


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    February 2, 2011
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    I have also this resume problems since month.
    Because of WAF i switched to Kodi, but really interested in your solution.

    HTPC: Win7 64 with i3 and HD
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    Can you give detailed Info about the Registry Path where you have changed the NOEDID Resolution? I would like to check that too.
    In short changing the NOEDID Resolution could fix the whole Problem without any Fix?!


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    Here for V30 : (based on v4).
    If it's ok, i think we will use this branch for the next 1.11 Pre release. :)
    So what i have change, i remove the minimize and restore upon the S3.

    Good luck :)


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