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  1. aalemann

    [solved] How to manually add a channel

    Hi, since the channel scan cannot find a few channels (which can be found and tuned in using the software "WinTV", so the TV card is working properly), I wanted to manually add them. It is a DVB-S channel and I opened the TV-Server configuration, TV Channels and clicked on Add in the box...
  2. badboyxx

    Switching from live tv to music is causing an eror

    Since a few MP releases I have the problem that when I'm watching TV and want to listen music, it is causing an error. The first time when I switch, everything is ok. This hapens only after the first try. It is causing that problem also when I switch fromt TV to radiotime. I have also recognized...
  3. L

    MP2 - V2.3.1 black screen and errors

    Description: Sometimes i get a black screen, and i have to rescan the tv channels everytime this happens to back to normal to watch/record live tv. Steps to Reproduce: When i try to watch live tv .
  4. Chris Melville

    Ability to watch the TV stream directly without the timeshift buffer delay?

    Hi guys, Since WMP was disabled for Windows 10, I needed a suitable replacement - and found success using Kodi as a front-end, with MediaPortal as a back-end TV server. Thank you for the work done so far on developing this software. One thing I notice, however: when I watch live TV, it isn't...
  5. Charlie TV

    MediaPortal 1.18.0 - Live TV Client doesn't start but hangs

    Hi, With the latest version of MP1 I get a strange hanging client issues. So the server in the loft with all the tv cards. I can be watching TV on a client and all is fine, I switch channels on the same client and it hangs and I have to kill it. Restarting the client and it then works fine...
  6. rcauvin

    Use VLC to Watch MP 2.1 Live TV?

    How can I use VLC on a client device (such as another computer on my network) to play live TV from my MP 2.1 server? For example, I have VLC Media Player installed on my Windows laptop. A full installation of MP 2.1 (server and client) is on another Windows machine on the same LAN. As far as I...
  7. G

    Unable to watch live TV

    Over the past couple of days, my attempts to watch live TV have all resulted in an error message stating, "Unable to create graph." Windows 10 has updated itself on my system a couple of times during this period, so that may or may not have some bearing on the problem. This concerns me, as I'm...
  8. O

    [MP2 Server+Client] Some live TV channels are blank

    Hi, First of all, thank you guys for existing and being awesome! I have read a gazillion topics and you are patient and helpful. I am having issues with some channels not playing (being blank and mute). My setup: Win 10 Ceton Inifinitv 6 PCIe with CableCARD on Digital Comcast MediaPortal 2...
  9. regeszter

    [solved] MPTvScheduler - Android client for MediaPortal and TvServer

    Hi, This is an Android client for MediaPortal. The interface is the MPExtended Service 0.6.0 Beta10. If you use MP2 please install the MPExtended Service 0.6.0 Beta10 from here. I suggest for the Windows 64 bit users to replace the in-built 32 bit ffmpeg to 64 bit from...
  10. E

    Is Comskip meant to work in live tv?

    According to's_New/1.9.x/Live_Commercial_Skip MP is supposed to pick up and monitor an .edl file creating during recording and make it available during playback. Whilst I have 100% success playing back recordings and seeing the inserted...
  11. DreadBeatDad

    Live TV Flicker/Flash

    MP2 on owner build PC. Nvidia GeForce 210 driver version 341.95 1gb 8gb ram Windows 10 64bit Samsung TV running at 60hz and 1080p TV card AverMedia A188 PCIe Pure DVB-T driver version I have had to move to Windows 10 due to hard drive issues and now I need a new Media centre as I used...
  12. R

    [solved] Timeshifted data is not available when rewind live-tv stream?

    By watchin live tv, sometimes i want to go back a few second just to watch a scene again. But in MP2 there don't seem any data available to go back. Am i'm doing something wrong? In MP1 that works pretty fine... Regards.
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