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March 12, 2011
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Hi @CyberSimian
Many thanks for your post
To take your issues one by one
1. I was aware of the existence of EPG Cleaner - in fact I think you pointed it out to me a year ago when I was first playing with MediaPortal. I now realise that this plugin should work with MP2 - but at the time I thought - it's an MP1 plugin and I'm using MP2 so it won't help. I now realise that since the MP2 TV server is really MP1, TV Server plugins should in fact work on both so I will take another look at it.

2. I take your point about New: being useful in principle, but its WAF is zero. My other half is quite happy deleting unwanted old episodes, but gets pretty pissed off if something she thought she was recording doesn't get recorded

3. I know about programme titles not being brilliant - but since I first did what I did, our missed recordings have dropped to almost zero.

4. In order to come up with a way of parsing the text to get episodes I regression tested against every program in the EPG for a period of a week or so when I first did it. So it covers more cases than the ones I care about, but almost certainly not everything. The big issue is that although most programs tell you which episode they are, some don't tell you which series they are in, so I get a lot of series 0 episode 6 type stuff.

5. I wasn't aware of the "series link" info. Is that documented somewhere I can take a look at.



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    I wasn't aware of the "series link" info. Is that documented somewhere I can take a look at.
    It is not documented anywhere in MP, as it is not yet supported by MP. However, there is/was a modified version of MP1 that attempted to use the equivalent information in the Sky EPG for satellite. This might give some clues on what needs to be done. Unfortunately:
    • It was never an official part of MP.
    • It had to be recompiled and re-issued for each release of MP.
    • The original developer was unable to continue supporting it due to pressure of work.
    • The some of the source code was lost in a disk crash.
    • No one else has been able to resurrect it (so it no longer works).
    I would guess that the information for series linking is documented somewhere, as commercial DVRs use it (for example, my Humax DVR supports this series linking). But whether the information is freely available on the internet (without having to pay a fee), I don't know. :(

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK

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