MPClearArtLoader - automatically download clearart - V0.2 Released (1 Viewer)


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  • December 17, 2010
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    AW: MPClearArtLoader - automatically download clearart - V0.2 Released

    I've encounmterd the same problem as the folks above on Win 7 x64. The V0.3 solves this Problem here also. Thanks.

    Henkie Flits

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    November 1, 2008
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    V0.3 working great also here!
    I see many duplicate images. Is there a way to see in what way they differ? Maybe by showing the resolution for example? Or is there no difference?


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  • September 11, 2007
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    Maybe they're from different sites? Try only selecting one site ( is best imo)...


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  • June 1, 2008
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    AW: MPClearArtLoader - automatically download clearart - V0.2 Released

    Is there such a thing for Moving Pictures, so for movies?


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    May 20, 2008
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    Keen to get this implemented into MPTVSeries (sorry if this has been covered I didn't read the entire thread)


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  • March 10, 2006
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    For everyone with crashes, can you try the attached version, I added a global try-catch to at least output the exception... ;)

    @ltfarme: this version can also store the settings.
    It crashes on the show "$#*! My Dad Says (164951)" when it tries to generate the file. Perhaps your can add a check to replace those characters with one that can be used, for example '#' or '$'.

    The full list of chars not allowed on Microsoft filesystem are:

    • < (less than) === « (double left angle quotation mark)
    • > (greater than) === » (double right angle quotation mark)
    • : (colon) === ; (semicolon)
    • " (double quote) === ' (single quote)
    • / (forward slash) === _ (underscore/low line)
    • \ (backslash) === _ (underscore/low line)
    • | (vertical bar or pipe) === ¡ (inverted exclamation mark) or · (middle dot) or # (number sign)
    • ? (question mark) === ¿ (inverted question mark)
    • * (asterisk) === ¤ (currency sign)

    I took the liberty of adding possible replacement characters you can use which work on FAT32 and NTFS (and most other filesystems, incase of a NAS).

    PS: I'm currently manually getting ClearLogo images for the show that lack ClearArt images at site. It would be nice if your tool gets those auto when there are no ClearArt images available for a show and ClearLogo images exist.

    Example shows: Eagleheart, Endgame, Lights Out, Lost Girl, The Fixer.


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    April 26, 2011
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    ClearArt Loader
    There are two versions available, ClearArtLoader and MPClearArtLoader. The first one (ClearArtLoader) loads all available images for a given tvdb id and you can preview the images an choose which ones to download. The second on (MPClearArtLoader) will go through the mp-tvseries database, extract all tv shows and automatically download clearart from one of the datasources for all your shows. If there are multiple images available for a show you have the option of a)downloading all b) choosing manually, c) always pick the first item or d) picking a random image.
    DieBagger: In situations where the user specifically selects an image, could you hit another link? If you can, what this will do is trigger a "like" for that particular image.

    This will mean in the long run the API will return the best images first.

    If you can, let me know, and I will give you the details you need to know.

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