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October 20, 2004
Gothenburg, Sweden
I think the d-scaler codec that comes with MP gives me the best quality picture with MyTV. I don't use MP to play DVDs so I don't know anything about that.


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  • April 27, 2004
    Leipzig, Germany
    Germany Germany

    the WinDVD Codecs provided bei Hauppauge, do not have CSS support, so they cannot play CSS protected DVDs. That is the main difference i know about.

    DScaler has a very good deinterlacing.

    The best Codec in picture quality seems currently to be the nVidia Codec. :)



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    January 13, 2005
    Moonlight Elecard MPEG Player

    Hi all,

    it seems taht the current version of the Elecard MPEG palyer does not ship with the mpeg2dmx.ax anymore...





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    October 7, 2005
    Re: Moonlight Elecard MPEG Player

    Matio said:
    Hi all,

    it seems taht the current version of the Elecard MPEG palyer does not ship with the mpeg2dmx.ax anymore...



    As I just found out too!

    I tried the player on it's own and it does give a very good picture with DD5.1 via s/pdif. So I thought I'd try the Radlight Filter Manager 1.4 to get it to use the new codec. I ran out of time this morning before I could re-configure MP to use the new codecs. I'll try it later. The Elecard player is on offer at the moment for $18 which seems a small price to pay if it works within the MP interface. Is anyone actually already using this?

    If there are problems, can someone tell me where to get hold of mpeg2dmx.ax? Maybe someone could mail it to me?



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    December 11, 2005
    SOL said:
    In the version I could download now I found no mpeg2dmx.ax.
    This are the files in this version.
    17-10-2005 12:55 790.528 empgdmx.ax
    20-10-2005 13:19 270.336 ESF.ax
    01-11-2005 12:06 299.008 enws.ax
    03-11-2005 18:19 823.296 ELMux.ax
    15-11-2005 13:38 368.640 ertspnws.ax
    17-11-2005 20:07 610.304 empgpdmx.ax
    18-11-2005 13:06 845.504 elaudec.ax
    18-11-2005 13:06 419.520 emp4demux.ax
    18-11-2005 13:06 480.960 emp4mux.ax
    18-11-2005 13:06 751.296 em2vd.ax
    18-11-2005 13:06 874.176 em4vd.ax
    Is empgdmx.ax or empgpdmx.ax a replacement for mpeg2dmx.ax?

    SOL said:
    By a certain detour I could only find the AC3 Filter 1.02a test8

    SOL said:
    At this moment you can download WinDVD 7.
    I presume that the filter of this version is as good as the 6-version.

    SOL said:
    Cyberlink MPEG Muxer + Dump Filter for DVR-MS -> MPEG conversion:
    Download the two files from http://home.arcor.de/clarydee/LR301/ and register the filters with the radlight filter manager.
    This site doesn't exist anymore. I get the following
    " FEHLER 404
    Die gewünschte Internet-Seite ist nicht erreichbar. Überprüfen Sie bitte die Adresse oder versuchen Sie es später noch einmal."


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    October 7, 2005
    chili said:
    davejp said:
    Thanks mate, that's great!
    your welcome!
    Hello again! I've just tried to un-rar it and I get this message:
    ! M:\New Downloads\Media Portal\mpeg2dmx.rar: CRC failed in mpeg2dmx.ax. The file is corrupt
    ! M:\New Downloads\Media Portal\mpeg2dmx.rar: Unexpected end of archive
    Any chance you can put it up again?

    also, this link is dead too: Cyberlink MPEG Muxer + Dump Filter for DVR-MS -> MPEG conversion:



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