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November 1, 2006
When I launch it, it tells me it will be installed using the old installer, and then nothing happens. When i do this with any other plugin, they have all installed properly after that point.

Is there a specific method I have to follow to make it work with mpnzb


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October 28, 2007
Netherlands Netherlands
You have to use Windows Explorer to browse to C:\Program Files\Team Mediaporta\Mediaportal. Here, launch MPInstaller.exe. Here you can choose to install a local extension, then select your .mpi file to install the plugin.

For me, the plugin did not show up in my Mediaportal menu. So I had to enter Mediaportal Configuration - Plugins - select mpNZB and click button 'In Home'. After that, I could start it from the Home screen.


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March 19, 2008
I am sure you are quite busy - just curious if you (MrTRiX) could give any update status?

Much appreciated! you rock!


Community Plugin Dev
October 28, 2006
Canada Canada
Have indeed been busy with new job. Have been having a lot of issues with my HTPC box and SABnzbd lately so haven't had time to make any tweaks. Is there anything not working that needs to be fixed? I know a few NZB sites have gone down recently. TVNZB appears dead and Newzbin is dead until there legal issues are resolved. If anyone has things not working or wants some NZB sites added please post it here and I will see what I can do.


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March 19, 2008
I added to the thread a rss search function from nzbmatrix not to long ago - could that be implemented? I am just looking for a long term site that the wife can use consistently. the groups and feeds are great from nzb matrix - but looking for a search that will stay up - glad that newzleech is working again - but nzbmatrix seems to weed out all the crap - and not always easy for the wife to tell the difference between a cam, r5, dvd, etc.

plus - i think that pulling info from imdb for the movies would be a great like the movie info, pic, and trailer link would be the best. the wife loves to look up movies and see what is out and what she might like - and if i can give her a central location for all of this data she would be eternally grateful - as would i :)

thanks again for all your hard work!


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March 19, 2008
Has development ceased on this project?

This is by far my favorite plugin and would love to see it pushed further.


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