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July 11, 2019
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i wrote a client for MediaPortal 2.
MpTvClient is available in the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore (EU, Switzerland).
The app is optimized for Android TV.
I would be pleased to receive feedback!
Thank you in advance!
Kind regards

MpTvClient - Apps on Google Play MpTvClient: Appstore for Android

Test period is 3 months. Then 5.99 € per year.
Thread created because original thread was moved to german forum (because of to many german posts)

Example video of the tv interface:

----- Release notes ---------------------
Improved handling of preview images
Performance improvements on Start-Page
Bug-Fix when navigate into folders / Videos and photos did not appear in some circumstances
Hide virtual media without media
New possibility to send logs ("Settings -> Send logs")

Added new category TV

Stability improvements

Improved sizing of images
Improved navigation between pages and on start page
Bug-Fix when scheduling recordings
Ratings for videos are now visualised on media cards

New functions:
Support for Series
Support for MP2-Servers without SlimTV-Service

Improved audio playback
Bug-Fix when planning recordings
Added support for play from last position

MP2-servers are now removable
Improved navigation when viewing images
Improved touch gesture support

Stability and performance improvements
Improved touch gesture support

Avoid syncing of radio channels

Video playback: Bugfix when fast-forwarding and rewinding

Improved video and tv playback
Improved support of the following remote control buttons:
  • Play/Pause
  • Stop
  • Fast forward / Fast rewind
  • Next / Previous

Minor Bug-Fixes
New Logging-View
Improved layout of Media-Tiles

Improvements Logging-View

New user interface for mobile phones and tablets

Stability improvements
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