1. K

    MpTvClient: Client for Amazon and Android devices

    Hello, i wrote a client for MediaPortal 2. MpTvClient is available in the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore (EU, Switzerland). The app is optimized for Android TV. I would be pleased to receive feedback! Thank you in advance! Kind regards Klaus MpTvClient - Apps on Google Play
  2. K

    Client für Android und Amazon-Geräte

    Hallo, ich habe einen Client für MediaPortal 2 geschrieben (MpTvClient). MpTvClient ist im Google Play Store und Amazon Appstore verfügbar (EU, Schweiz). Ich würde mich über Rückmeldungen freuen. Schon einmal vielen Dank! Grüße Klaus PS: Der Testzeitraum beträgt 3 Monate. Dann 5,99 € pro Jahr...
  3. regeszter

    [solved] MPTvScheduler - Android client for MediaPortal and TvServer

    Hi, This is an Android client for MediaPortal. The interface is the MPExtended Service 0.6.0 Beta10. If you use MP2 please install the MPExtended Service 0.6.0 Beta10 from here. I suggest for the Windows 64 bit users to replace the in-built 32 bit ffmpeg to 64 bit from...
  4. M

    New android remote control app

    Hi everyone, i created a new android app as remote control for MediaPortal. It is free and focuses on usability and a high WAF. Find it on Google Play: Requirements: Mediaportal 1, version 1.6 or newer MPExtended 0.5.4...
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