1.12.0 my music playing now: Album art image / CD Cover image disappear


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July 2, 2008

under the following circumstances the Albumart / CD image disappear from the screen:
Steps to reproduce:

1. Start MP (i have disabled the inernet lookups for similar tracks)
2. skin used: titan
3. Select in music / shares view any album.
4. Start the first track by pressing "enter"

5. Jump to "now playing"

MP shows the actual CD Cover and artist image

6. Wait for the next track. Don't start it manually!
MP starts automatically the next track. It will alternating show the actual cover image and artis image.

7. jump back th the shares view.

MP shows the album list with the second title marked.

8. Jump back to "now playing"

MP doesn't show the cd cover and artis image for the rest of the automatically started tracks.

9. Start a track manually and MP shows the images.

attached the logfile:

And: Yes i tried different skins and i tried different computers and got every time the same result.

edit , 6.9.2015:
The coverart of the following title (next track) is displayed uninterupted.
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  • June 2, 2011
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    Hi @regeszter,
    Can it be that I there is a different "setting" of remote control in MP-installation (mediaportalsetup_1-12-0_2015-09-29-11-02-zip.169891) you posted here?

    Problem with TV-Guide:
    With the original 1.12. installation I was able to increase/decrease Time Interval by pressing fastforwind/fastrewind = F7/F8 in the TV-Guide
    With your installation pressing these buttons doesn't change the Time Interval - it affectes the video/TV fastforward/fastrewind :(o_O

    I went back to original MP 1.12. and there it worked again.
    Is this just a setting thing and coul I change this with your installation?

    Or is it better to wait for the next official release (where the album cover bug will be solved :D;))?

    Hope you understand what I mean and that you can help me :)[DOUBLEPOST=1443635800][/DOUBLEPOST]OOOOOpppps seems we posted at the same time...
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