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  • December 17, 2007
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    I would like to share this as a suggestion for configuring DVB EPG.

    In TV server, configure under DVB EPG:
    + always try to fill holes = on
    + always try to update existing entries = on
    + enable CRC check = off
    + grab EPG only for channels on same transponder = on

    Then use some SQL client to connect to the database, and execute the following SQL:

    use mptvdb;

    select displayName, isRadio, isTv, grabEpg, visibleInGuide from as c1
    where (c1.idchannel, c1.istv) in (
    select c1, istv from (
    select transportid, c.istv, min(c.idchannel) c1
    from mptvdb.tuningdetail as t join as c on t.idChannel = c.idChannel
    where 1=1
    and c.visibleInGuide =1
    group by transportid, c.istv
    ) as q1
    and grabepg = 0
    order by istv desc, displayname

    This will list all channels for which EPG grabbing should be enabled (one per transponder). Go to TV server setup and set the check marks under TV/radio EPG grabber. I found a 3 minute timeout (idle and timeshifting) is sufficient to safely grab 1 week of EPG.

    If configured this way, the EPG usually builds itself from scratch in under 2 hours. It also avoids the EPG becoming incompetely or sparsely populated - I found some channels provide EPG for channels on other transponders only in a very limited way.


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