1. A

    MP2.2.2, understanding movies/videos/tv and WTV recordings.

    From a beginner seeking further help. OK so my tv recordings go into default location and appear on the TV menu. Also if I copy wtv files and import into said folder they also appear under TV with their description meta data visible on scrolling. So happy with that I set up a data source to...
  2. splatterpop

    My optimized dvb epg configuration for tv server

    Hello, I would like to share this as a suggestion for configuring DVB EPG. In TV server, configure under DVB EPG: + always try to fill holes = on + always try to update existing entries = on + enable CRC check = off + grab EPG only for channels on same transponder = on Then use some SQL...
  3. Mobidic

    How to get started with MediaPortal 2 to do TV recording?

    My background is software development. I have been using Windows Media Center for ages. I did take a look at Media Portal years ago and after looking at the steps to install, well... I thought it's not worth my time. Now, I'm kind of stuck to take a second look, I want to to access recorded...
  4. G

    Media Portal 2, Windows 7, and Ceton 5 USB

    Hello again! After my unsuccessful attempts to set up my Ceton Infinitv 4 USB tuner under Windows 10, I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and downgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. The drivers for Windows 7 appeared to install without any difficulty, and I was able to pair and activate the...
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