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January 9, 2009
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Hi all,

Everything is goin so well at the moment.. its that time where I'm starting to become fussy!! lol

What I am having trouble with, is I dont know if its possible to create 'Movie Catagories' or 'groups'

I have:

moving pictures - very promising, I just downloaded the x-factor skin and its the most tidy I have seen but this doesnt support shares so definitely no grouping goin to happen, but it has FANART!

MyVideos (default video thing..) - This doesnt support fanart (that I know of) and when you switch the view you lose info! tis doing my head in!

Tv-Series - An excellent IDEA.. I never thought of that! I still feel it could be better tho.. I'm finding manual importing annoying if not impossible without net connection.. but it DOES group your videos together and gives fan art AND a nice new banner and infor per episode!! just needs a bit of tidying!

So as you can see from this I have experienced what is possible using the database. My goal is to write my own skin sometime but I dont know any programmin' whatsoever.. so I was thinking of modding and mixing existing skins for myself and maybe upload the final result if I'm happy (with all credits goin to the original skinners of course). BUT until that day comes I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on whether or not this is possible...

My collection consists of many videos that i wouldnt watch too often so I wouldnt want to keep browsing past them and getting them in the way of me finding what I want.. e.g. I have all the 007 films, I want them to be grouped in a '007' folder/group and have them sorted by year.. as you may understand.. bond films are of many and as I hardly ever watch them I would prefer to skip past the single '007' and move on.. Also I have many stand up comedy videos.. i have them in individual artist folders and then sorted by year... this goes on.. It is acheivable in myvideos if you change the view to 'shares' but then there is no fan art and you cannot sort JUST the bond films by year and the misc films by ascending alphabetical order.. the closest i got is to see the 'video views' section in the config screen where you choose titles to always be a list etc.

so.. any one? It would be great if someone could use this info when making their next skin.. <he says hopefully!>


I assume this idea will be welcomed but I'm not sure how possible it is..

I would like to see a 'favourite actors' section.. what I mean is.. have you ever watched a film and found an actor to be great! you want to see more films they were in!? OR have you thought 'what's he/she been in? they look so familiar!!' if so.. what did you do? did u do what i do and go to imdb and find out? wouldnt it be nice if this was possible within mediaportal?
The idea is that you click an actor.. that actor.. lets say Clint Eastwood will have a picture of himself along with his bio pulled from imdb and SELECTABLE movies he was in/directed and while this is displayed (the list of films) you can choose local or all (do you have them available to watch or do u just wanna see everything he was in?) you then click the film he was in e.g. gran torino.. that movie info will be pulled from imdb. there maybe an option in config to keep all 'pulled' files or just the local ones.. i would personally keep EVERYTHING.. this will help the user when it comes to finding more films to buy.. then you can add Clint to favourite actors.. I would strongly suggest that as when you download all the actors you have TOO MANY to search thru when its sorted by actor.. but you need to have them as you might want to add them in future... OR you could give them a rating out of 10 or 100 lol so some actors are in reach but not in your face.. i would have clint n pacino deniro etc as 10 stars so when i change to actor view they are on top.. and someone like... t-bag from prison break would get a 3 .. all the others will be unrated and they can WAIT until CALLED UPOD (like good lil actors LOL!)

IS ANY OF THIS POSSIBLE!!?!?! actors part and the grouping part?? I will be making my own skin eventually.. if you are a skinner and are interested in my ideas then I can probably do an animation of what I would like seen in future skins.. if only the animations were true lmao! it will be a dream.. a LIE!!! but then it would be up to you to make it true!!

I read about freetuner mce where you can watch 4od and iplayer five etc catchup tv etc.. its open source if anyone wants to look into it.. its only mediacentre bloody microsoft's one!! the writer wants to do a mediaportal so find him and beg.. i have!! anyway..please help!! thanks in advance..

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