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April 22, 2020
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Hello. I am trying to set up the current version under Windows 8. All seems to go well until I try to select the media drive and folder. It's like swimming through cold molasses. I try to scroll down to the directory I want and its hit-and-miss if it will stop there. If I get the root folder I cannot select any folder under that. Has anyone seen this before? Its driving me nuts.

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    All seems to go well until I try to select the media drive and folder.
    The internet is a wonderful way of allowing people to miscommunicate. :eek:
    • Are you using "TV Server Config" and trying to specify the recordings folder?
    • Are you using "MP Config" and trying to specify the folders for videos, music, or pictures?
    Here is what I see when defining the video folders in "MP Config":


    If you click the "Add" button (lower right corner of the panel), you get this:


    You can either type the path to the required folder directly in the field labelled "Media folder / optical disk drive", or click the "..." button to the right to display the usual Windows "Navigate to folder" dialogue. Is this what you are doing?

    I tried the navigate dialogue, and it works quickly for me (but that does not mean that you don't have a problem).

    Or are you perhaps using MP2? I have never used MP2, so cannot offer any advice (I use MP1).

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK


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    April 22, 2020
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    Thanks for the reply. I am using MP2. I am using the configuration in MP2, not an external program. If I select choose resource provider that is when I get the navigation unresponsiveness.



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    If I select choose resource provider that is when I get the navigation unresponsiveness.
    Any folder or directory to be used as media share must be accessible via the navigation. If it is not ,m then something is wong. Possible causes may be:
    1. You didn't define credentials (i.e. user/password) for the Server to access the respective folders
    2. Windows network issues may exist
    If you defined credentials then check out the network environment in Windows Explorer, where the respective path must be reachable.


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    May 5, 2020
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    I'm also having a problem with networked drives/folders. I've installed MP2 client and server on WIN10 test machine. I've put 3 movies and 8 wtv files on a local HDD, no problem. I have multiple HDD's connected to a WIN10 HTPC on my home network. HTPC and all HDDs are accessible on test machine in explorer. When I go to settings/add media source/choose media source/network neighborhood, all networked PC's are showing (there are 5) including HTPC. When I choose the HTPC path only one networked HDD is showing, it's the one external I have plugged into the HTPC via USB. I select the recorded TV folder, then video as media category. Under Client Media Sources I get "The home server is located at the same machine, so only server media source can be configured" The arrows turn in the top right hand corner along with the percentage. After 100% no files are shown in either Home or TV/Recordings. I've entered network password in MP2. I've read Wiki installation over and over but can't work out what's wrong. Hopefully it's something simple that I don't understand or I've overlooked. I've got WMC working fine on WIN10 HTPC but want to get an alternative ready for when WMC will no longer work on WIN10. I've got 8 HDD's and thousands of WTV files on my HTPC and record TV every day so need to run MP2 on a separate PC until I have it working and can get used to it. MP2 is the best replacement I've seen and I would possibly like to install it on my HTPC alongside WMC and slowly migrate all WTV folders over.

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