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April 22, 2006
I have been using MP for a couple of years now, but I just got a Hauppauge HVR-2250 as my first look into actually have cable TV with it as well as movies.
I have searched the Wiki and this Forum for answers, but still have many questions on how to set the TV portion up.
First some facts:
MP 1.1.1 single seat fresh install, Win7 32, Hauppauge HVR-2250, E8400 CPU, 3gb ram, 320 GB HD. US Comcast cable.

I have successfully added both analog and digital channels and can watch them all.
I can delete channels I don't want easily enough. Video preview does not work in the TV server setup, audio only.

Now for some of my questions, although I am sure I will have many more as I go along.

1. How do I order the channels the way I want them to go using the up and down channel?
2. I can't figure out how to get the tvguide information for live TV. Not the plugins for recording. I will get to those later.
3. Are there tips to speed up channel changing?
4. How do I add information for channels so that I may have them get information for the tvguide information?
5. I think time shifting maybe causing some of my delays. Is there a way to shut it off completely? I have already reduced the numbers as low as they will go.
6. Is there a more complete guide then what is in the current Wiki?
7. I have read about a time offset in several threads, but I don't know what that is or if I need it. I suspect I would need some information for the correct tvguide info to be retrieved.



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October 27, 2010
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Well, I'm not very good at this myself, but since I noticed you haven't gotten a reply yet, I'll take a stab at pointing you in the right direction.

You've got to many questions I can't answer, but I do know how I managed to get my tv guide information to download and work. I'm not sure how far you have gotten with it, but here's what I did.

If you haven't done so yet, go download mc2xml from the following link.

There is information on how to install it on a MediaPortal system if you look about halfway down the page. Just follow those instructions exactly. I had a rough time getting mine to work the first time, and I'm not exactly sure what I was doing wrong when I finally got it working correctly, so just follow really close by the instructions.

After you have it installed, you are going to need to run the program at least every week or so to update your listings. You can use a simple batch file to run the program for you so you do not have to keep typing in the command line. You can make your own batch file easily using notepad, just copy and paste the following onto notepad:

@echo off
REM Update the program guide
Start /W /D "C:\mc2xml\" mc2xml -o tvguide.xml

Save the file as TVGuideUpdate.bat or similar but make sure the extention is .bat. Click the saved file and it run the program, update your TV Guide information, and close itself back out.

Somewhere along the line of me beating my head against the wall trying to get this thing to work the first time, I had to manually force mediaportal tv server configuration to import the data. You may or may not need to do this, I just know I had to at some point. I'll attach a screen shot of mine, and just click that "import" button after you have made sure the path to your mc2xml is set correctly above.

Give all that a go, and cross your fingers... If that doesn't help you, I'm out of options because I'm still learning this whole thing myself, lol... Good luck.


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