Need help with setting up Compro DVB-T300 (1 Viewer)


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    It isnt, you can offload some of the cpu cyles to the gpu when playing backing mpeg2 content. You need a mpeg2 codec cable of dxva which is usually only the commercial ones (eg. nvidia, intervideo, cyberlink etc).


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    Yeah Callifo I was hoping to be able to offload some of the CPU cycles during recording.

    The Compro apps when recording would take up to 60% CPU with spikes up to 85-90%

    MP seems to be a little better but while recording the system is really sluggish.

    The ATI drivers I believe can be enabled for DXVA and my Radeon 9550 certainly suports it I believe.

    It also looks like you need to have the latest versions of Media Player installed etc but I am not too sure about the DRM stuff in MediaPlayer 10.x

    I haven't found a guide yet that talks about how to set it up without just doing the Micro$oft thing.

    Here is another weird thing... Channel7 SD shows that it is recording but when I went to look at the recording from last night it was a file with all the right names etc in dvr-ms format but was only 6kb and Media Portal reported the program as being recorded for 1:07 mins.

    Ever seen that before ?

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