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December 26, 2010
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First I added my network shares in the MePo2 GUI which seemed to work. Then I watched the import running but after about 10 minutes there was no network or harddisk activity anymore (in the GUI it still said that the import was running). When I checked my movies and series in MePo2 there were only about 5% imported/listed. Restarting the import doesn't seem to change anything.

Regarding the movie and series import I have another question - I'm working on a Windows 10 PC with German localization and MePo2 was also installed with German language. Now I guess this might be the reason why all the imported movie and series information is also in German. Although I prefer this information to be in English. Is there any way to change this behaviour?


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    I certainly had issues with the importer when using network shares. My "network shares" were actually local drives on the machine which had the server installed so reconfiguring the media sources to use the local drive letters resolved my issues, but that's of course not always possible is using a NAS for example. For me, when I had shares configured it wouldn't just fail to import (visible in the logs), it would crash media portal, so seems there are still some issues with the import. For me it was most prevalent when importing shares containing alot of data.


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    Is there any way to change this behaviour?
    No, this can not be changed atm. Only way to work around may be (never tried this and it's not documented at all) set MP2 to English right after a completely fresh installation and before you create and first import any share and do the same befor every refresh you do. Not really a nice way but the only way I can imagine atm. This is a very uncommon use- case so nobody ever had asked for this.

    About the network shares... In general this is working flawlessly. Using MP2 "productive" since years now without ever having issues on network shares. If it did not work there are most likely network issues outside of MP2. Only common MP2 related "issue" is if the user forgot to enter the network credentials in the MP2 Client where you add the share.

    My "network shares" were actually local drives on the machine which had the server installed so reconfiguring the media sources to use the local drive letters resolved my issues
    Using local drives over the LAN really is not a wise thing to do as it lowers the speed of the network in general and the specific drive a lot. That's why it is not even supported in MP2. You must use "Network Neighborhood Provider" only with shares on NAS drives but never on local drives...

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