1. Ghostangel

    Import von Videos unvollständig

    Hallo zusammen, ich hatte vor längerer Zeit das MP1 genutzt und dann eine Weile ausgesetzt. Derzeit baue ich einen HTPC zusammen der mir als Mediaserver dienen soll und baue dafür eine neue Datenbank auf. Ich dachte ich gehe direkt zu MP2 weil dort auch die digitalen Radiosender mit angeboten...
  2. fredco

    [solved] Large import not working

    I'm starting a new thread about an old issue of which I seem to be the only one having trouble with. When I use ANY version of MP beyond 1.16 I am not able to import a large movie collection at once. So I'm still stuck with 1.16 on ALL my MP instances, which are quite a few... I have a...
  3. W

    XMLTVImport duplicate item error

    XMLTVImport has worked for me without problems for many years, but lately it is producing errors and will not import channel data anymore. It reports that my tvguide.xml is invalid, claiming that there is some sort of duplicate item in the file. It does not say what that duplicate item is and...
  4. PrinzValium

    [solved] Movie got merged wrong & Series fanart is missing

    On Friday it was time for me to do a fresh installation on my HTPC and I wanted to upgrade to windows 10 anyway. So I decided to give MePo 2 a try once again. All my movies and series are stored on a server in the LAN. Movies each have a NFO file and fanart + poster. series each have NFO files...
  5. Moviejunkie80

    Serien Import MP2.1 Final

    Hallo zusammen. Nach langer, langer Zeit bin ich wieder mit dem tollen MePo am experimentieren. Grundsätzlich funktioniert ja alles. Aaaaaaaber...... Es werden nicht alle Serien importiert. Habe eine Neuinstallation von MP2.1 Final vorgenommen. Die Medienordner hinzugefügt und den Import...
  6. R

    Server stürzt ab wenn Client während dem Import lokaler Medienquellen beendet wird

    Wenn der Client gerade Importieren lokaler Medienquellen ist und ich diesen beende (ab und zu will ich auch mal was anderes außer TV und Video etc.) dann stürzt der Server ab. Bei mir läuft MP2.1 in einer getrennten Client-Server Umgebung. Logs im Anhang. Grüße, Rico.
  7. J

    MP2 - V2.1 .nfo files not imported properly

    I have been told to use tinyMediaManager to create MP2.1 readable info files so I can edit the tags and import appropriate information in MP2 (Recorded french movies on TV and using IMDb provides only English info: Tagging recorded movies.). I then created a .nfo file for a french movie using...
  8. PrinzValium

    NFO import not working

    My movies are stored in a network direcotry, each in a separate folder with the movie file, a nfo file, a cover jpg and a fanart jpg. When I try to import movies through AMC Updater it seems to be doing something and in the end a "Process Complete" pops up but not a single file is added. I've...
  9. PrinzValium

    Network Share Import Issues

    First I added my network shares in the MePo2 GUI which seemed to work. Then I watched the import running but after about 10 minutes there was no network or harddisk activity anymore (in the GUI it still said that the import was running). When I checked my movies and series in MePo2 there were...
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