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September 14, 2008
Spain Spain
I've been importing the xmltv guide generated by WebGrab+Plus most of the year, but when upgraded to MP 1.2.1 something changed...

I have one question regarding new lines: Has something changed regarding "new line" char import?

After summer the new line chars inside description are ignored when displayed by MediaPortal.
Previously imported programmes displayed new lines, but now they are not displayed.

I am attaching two screen captures: first one show new lines, second one did not. (There is a new line character before "Int." in both cases.)

The xmltv file does have a new line char (\n), but it is ignored. A fragment is shown bellow:

<programme start="20111130225000 +0100" stop="20111201003000 +0100" channel="La Otra">
    <title lang="es">The lost girl</title>
    <desc lang="es">Fantástica. 
Int.: Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo, Richard Howland, K.C. Collins, Zoie Palmer. 
Hermandad y Atracción fatal.
La hermosa y carismática Bo es un ser sobrenatural llamado súcubo que se alimenta de la energía de los seres humanos, a veces con resultados fatales. Al negarse a unirse a su clan sobrenatural y su rígida jerarquía, Bo es renegada y tendrá que emprender una lucha por los desvalidos, mientras busca de la verdad sobre sus misteriosos orígenes</desc>
    <category lang="es">Fantástica</category>
If you think logs or anything else is needed here, please ask, but I would like to know if this happens to everybody and if something has change anywhere that could be changed again.



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