New range of AMD energy efficient CPUs just released


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  • November 8, 2008
    If you need it ONLY for HTPC use I don't see any point in going beyond dual-core anyways, but soon the Athlon II X4 will be is as cheap as the current 45W TDP Athlon X2's, and then everybody will buy quad-core. If you need it for gaming I would shell out the extra cash on the Phenom for sure.
    Actually ffdshow multicore builds are taking advantage of those additional cores. I don't know how stable that ffdshow version is.

    but what does that actually mean in terms of media playback?

    Just because it utilises 4 cores does that necessarily mean any improvement in picture quality?


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  • March 11, 2009
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    Athlon II x2 235e

    For anyone interested in these energy efficient parts:

    I have recently installed an Athlon II x2 235e (2.7GHz) as a replacement for the 4850e. It is running well for full HD TV (1080i). No post-processing has been applied as I think the PQ is fine as is.

    It was detected by the motherboard (BIOS rev F4) and Win 7 straight up, so messing around with updates was not required.

    I am using the stock cooler with PWM fan control enabled in the BIOS. It is very quiet. Very happy for a sub-AU$90 CPU with the features it has on offer :)

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