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October 31, 2007
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the nfo scrapper for movies is scrapping incorrect genres.
I wanted to import a movie with Bud Spencer. the genres in the nfo are Action, Komödie, Abenteuer and Bud Spencer.
In MP 2 there are only the genres Action, Komödie und Abenteuer. I also recognized, that the sorting of the genres in the nfo and MP2 are different.
I attached the nfo and the logs. I had to rename the nfo because uploading nfo seems to be forbidden.




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  • December 17, 2010
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    I think you've named your .nfo file movie.nfo, right? Try to name it "Zwei Asse trumpfen auf.nfo" if the video file is named "Zwei Asse trumpfen auf.mkv" (or avi, mp4, wmv or whatever extension it may have). As far as I remember the .nfo scrapper needs the .nfo named exactly as the video file it belongs to. As I always do it this way since ever I don't know exactly if this still is the case, but in the beginning during development of the nfo metadata extractor the nfo only was recognized if it has the same name as the video...


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    October 31, 2007
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    Thanks for the reply,
    But unfortunately it's not the solution.
    Any other ideas?


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