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April 7, 2014
Netherlands Netherlands
Hi there,

I have a problem with my mediaportal setup. Out of the blue, two of my HD channels stopped working (Nat. Geo and Discovery). When I tune in on them, I only get a black screen. No sound, no picture. Details about reception are signal level 100%, signal quality aprox. 70%.

What I have tried thusfar:

- checked the tuningparameters for my provider (Netherlands, Ziggo south). There was no change.
- deleted all my channels and scanned for channels all over again. The two are found, but don't work
- rescanned the transponders for the two channels
- upgraded my 1.8.0. setup to 1.11.0 setup
- tried several decoder combinations for audio / video (microsft, LAV)

I noticed that in the TV-server setup the channels also do not show a preview. As if they cannot be decoded or something. No error message there, only a crash of the little preview screen (most of the times).

When I test the channels from within the TV-server setup, they seem to work ok. (at least they test with an "OK" als result).

What else can I do to solve this problem? Anyone with Ziggo south here who is experiencing the same problems?

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