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    Accessing properties of an ISO/ZIP-ResourceAccessor can throw a NRE, because the underlying proxy object is disposed/set to null:

    [2012-11-18 15:22:56,555] [2733063] [FanArt Downloader 0] [DEBUG] - MovieTheMovieDbMatcher Download: Finished saving banners for ID 4982
    [2012-11-18 15:22:57,740] [2734249] [Importer ] [ERROR] - MediaAccessor: Error extracting metadata from metadata extractor 'Movies thumbnail extractor' (Id: 'fb0aa0ed-97b2-4721-be74-ac67e77a17b2')
    System.NullReferenceException: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
      bei MediaPortal.Extensions.ResourceProviders.IsoResourceProvider.IsoResourceAccessor.get_CanonicalLocalResourcePath()
      bei MediaPortal.Extensions.MetadataExtractors.MovieThumbnailer.MovieThumbnailer.TryExtractMetadata(IResourceAccessor mediaItemAccessor, IDictionary`2 extractedAspectData, Boolean forceQuickMode)
      bei MediaPortal.Common.Services.MediaManagement.MediaAccessor.ExtractMetadata(IResourceAccessor mediaItemAccessor, IEnumerable`1 metadataExtractors, Boolean forceQuickMode)

        public bool TryExtractMetadata(IResourceAccessor mediaItemAccessor, IDictionary<Guid, MediaItemAspect> extractedAspectData, bool forceQuickMode)
            if (forceQuickMode)
              return false;
            if (!(mediaItemAccessor is IFileSystemResourceAccessor))
              return false;
            using (IFileSystemResourceAccessor fsra = (IFileSystemResourceAccessor) mediaItemAccessor.Clone())
            using (ILocalFsResourceAccessor lfsra = StreamedResourceToLocalFsAccessBridge.GetLocalFsResourceAccessor(fsra))
              return ExtractThumbnail(lfsra, extractedAspectData);
          catch (Exception e)
            // Only log at the info level here - And simply return false. This lets the caller know that we
            // couldn't perform our task here.
            ServiceRegistration.Get<ILogger>().Info("MovieThumbnailer: Exception reading resource '{0}' (Text: '{1}')", mediaItemAccessor.CanonicalLocalResourcePath, e.Message);
          return false;

    The NRE occures when accessing properties like:

        public ResourcePath CanonicalLocalResourcePath
          get { return _isoProxy.IsoFileResourceAccessor.CanonicalLocalResourcePath.ChainUp(IsoResourceProvider.ISO_RESOURCE_PROVIDER_ID, _pathToDirOrFile); }
    where _isoProxy is null already.

    This problem also occure from other places of Importer, not only from the MovieThumbnailerMDE above
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