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  • January 27, 2005
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    Found my TV server dead when I came back today from some work abroad (machine power light was on but screen was corrupted). When this has happened before it was because standby / resume has not worked properly.

    The one thing I noticed today is that the ntp synchronization kicked in and reset the time on the system back a few minutes. After this it looks like a COM component stopped responding and then the machine died. Just seeing if there is a possibility that this could cause PowerSceduler to die?

    Machine wakes up everyday at 5am to grab xmltv. On 10th it went to sleep at 21:10 after recording and woke on 11th, grabbed xmltv and then appears to have died.

    Both MP and TV logs just end at 05:05 (when time was changed) and then there are some blank lines. (The other option I guess is whether Log4Net did not like the time change?

    There is nothing around this period in any other logs.

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