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March 20, 2012
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Thanks a lot for the new version. :)

On another note. Is it possible to request a very useful feature? We have "Hide thumbnails" and "Hide episode information", but we don't have "Hide episode titles/names". Why not? I use both for my unwatched shows, but when you have complete seasons it's almost impossible to not get a glance of the other episodes names. I hate getting stuff spoiled and there are a lot of clues in the episode names throughout a season. I can't be the only one who have use for this either. Of course the episodes then need a replacement name. Just make it simple: "Episode 1/One" "Episode 2/Two" and so on.

I really enjoy the plugin and this is the only thing I wished was there from the beginning when I first started using MPTV-Series. (y)


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    Please add it to the Issue Tracker if you have not already and I will see if I can accommodate you one day ;)

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