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August 22, 2006
Rotterdam, NL
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Running MediaPortal v1.13.0.0, EventGhost and Asterisk, I would like to automatically pause any playing media in MediaPortal and display an OSD message with the caller id whenever a call is received by Asterisk.

This mostly works using the following set-up:
  1. Asterisk contains a TrySystem action to invoke cUrl to send a 'pauseWithMessage' request to the EventGhost webserver plugin, containing the callerid message as event payload
  2. On receiving this event, EventGhost displays an OSD message showing the event payload, and sends a MediaPortal Pause action to MediaPortal
The problem is that the MediaPortal Pause action is a toggle event. If the media is already paused (due to an earlier call or paused manually), the media will resume playing. So, I'm looking for some way to have EventGhost tell MediaPortal to pause any playing media, but not to resume any paused media.

I've tried various approaches, but so far without any success:
  • Use the 'Media is Playing' condition in the MessagePlugin configuration, but unfortunately this condition is apparently also true if media is paused
  • Send the APPCOMMAND_MEDIA_PAUSE command as described in this thread: However MediaPortal doesn't seem to respond to this message
  • Send the 'p' keystroke to MediaPortal. According to some older threads, 'p' will only pause media, whereas the space bar acts as a pause/play toggle. However the 'p' keystroke (even when typed manually) doesn't do anything on my MediaPortal instance, so maybe this has been removed in recent versions.
Any ideas?

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