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    Shortcuts for Basic-Windows

    Hello, I'm using MP 1.18, Harmony One Remote Control, Eventghost to control MP on a local PC. The majority of actions i could emulate with key-emulation in eventghost. They work fine. But for important actions i'm missing keyboard-shortcuts in MP1 (TVGuide, MyTV, My Radio, My...
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    Pause-only action (no resume)

    Hi, Running MediaPortal v1.13.0.0, EventGhost and Asterisk, I would like to automatically pause any playing media in MediaPortal and display an OSD message with the caller id whenever a call is received by Asterisk. This mostly works using the following set-up: Asterisk contains a TrySystem...
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    MP 1.13 screensaver & MessagePlugin issue

    I have recently upgraded my HTPC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (clean install), and upgraded MediaPortal to 1.13 (don't remember which version I was running before, I think 1.12). I'm using MessagePlugin in combination with EventGhost to receive events from my TerraTec H7 IR receiver. In...
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