Picture breakup when watching TV over Wifi / UDP issue? (1 Viewer)


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August 22, 2011
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"if i use media portal to watch TV, live or recorded, over Wifi to either of my N connected laptops from a central server, i get picture breakup. if i play a ts stream via media player classic home cinema from a mapped driver on the same server it fine. any ideas?" - cypher007 YEARS ago, and he is not the only one who has this problem. :)

The issue still persists for live TV over WIFI. (Presumably because of UDP packet loss in the air)
Any news on that? Solution for that to get live TV finally stutter free over WIFI?

Please help! :)


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August 22, 2011
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I will try this tonight. Thanks for the hint. But: What does this option do / mean? Do you have an explanation?
The wiki says "Unless you know what you're doing" and I do not know what these options really mean and how it solves the stuttering.

I configured the recordings dirs on the Server which is the only place where this info should live or am I wrong? I can access the server and the recordings but live TV keeps stuttering over WIFI. What's the difference when I am configuring the server path once more on client side?

Sorry for the multiple threads. The initial "old" thread was somehow dead and in the wrong section in my opinion...
I will learn from that. :)
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    Normally (for a client/server system) MP uses the RTSP protocol to stream the 'timeshift buffer' file data from server to client. The 'UNC paths' option changes things so that the client plays the timeshift buffer file(s) like any other remote file. This doesn't change the server settings - it's just telling the client to use a different access method.

    Note you must setup the 'UNC paths' option with full UNC paths - mapped drive letters will not work.


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    August 22, 2011
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    Thank you very much - the debug options with UNC configuration was the solution.
    Why is something that important (for WIFI users) hidden in the deep of MP?

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